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Exclusive interview: Tommaso Ciampa on overcoming obstacles, turning NXT into the “A-show” and more

Tommaso Ciampa’s shocking procurement of the NXT Championship has not only served to further distance Ciampa (who is arguably the most disfavored Superstar in all NXT) from the endearment of the NXT Universe; The Blackheart has also used his reign to reinforce his self-proclamation of greatness. With his NXT Title Triple Threat Match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 against Johnny Gargano and Aleister Black fast approaching, Ciampa spoke to about his newfound championship status and his plans for the future of NXT. [Ed. Note: This interview was conducted prior to the mysterious events of Wednesday night, which resulted in Black in winding up in a medical facility.]

WWE.COM: My first order of business is to congratulate you on becoming NXT Champion. How do you feel?

TOMMASO CIAMPA: It’s good to be champ, and right now, there truly is no debate. I am the champion of champions. I’m the main event. I’m untouchable. I, Tommaso Ciampa, am the greatest sports-entertainer of all time.

WWE.COM: How do you respond to Johnny Gargano’s claims that he’s the reason you became NXT Champion?

CIAMPA: Who? There is a reason why the name plates on my NXT Title say Ciampa. One person is responsible for my success. One. And his name is Ciampa.

WWE.COM: You’ve managed to elicit a rather passionate response from the NXT Universe, especially by your earlier claims of being the greatest sports-entertainer of all time. Where does this belief come from?

CIAMPA: I am a realist. I call it like I see it. I have the best physique in all of WWE; this is not by accident. I am the best in-ring performer in all of WWE; this is not happenstance. I am the best on the microphone in all of WWE; this is not a debate. I am your NXT World Champion. I am a god. You want something to believe in. Believe in me.

WWE.COM: You’ve been very vocal on social media regarding your self-professed prowess. Specifically, you recently claimed you were the perfect role model for kids out there. Why is this?

CIAMPA: In a society that believes every child deserves a participation award, one man sets himself apart, and that man just so happens to be the NXT World Champion. I am not interested in participating. I am interested in winning. If you are teaching your child to be content with a participation award, then you already failed at life. If you want your kid to be a winner, then tell them to look at Tommaso Ciampa for inspiration.


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We are in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Corey Graves, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton.

Byron Saxton is in the ring and he brings out the man who will face Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, the Miz.

Miz appears on the TitanTron and Byron asks why isn’t Miz here tonight. Is it because he is afraid of Daniel Bryan? Miz says Byron will never be more than a second rate commentator. Byron brings up the renewal of Total Bellas and he asks if Miz and Mrs can have similar success. Miz mentions that the first two episodes did better than any episode of Total Bellas. Miz talks about how successful Miz and Mrs is and he says that he is a star.

Byron asks Miz if he has anything to say about his match at SummerSlam. Miz says not to miss the third episode of Miz and Mrs after Smackdown. Miz says that we see him do some CPR and Daniel Bryan should watch to resuscitate his career.

Miz is asked about the match at SummerSlam and what if he cannot back up his talk over the last eight years. Miz asks how many times has Daniel Bryan come to him. Miz says that Daniel Bryan needs a match against him because he should be the champion. Miz says he has been carrying Daniel Bryan since day one. He says he is sick of hearing Daniel call him soft while Daniel has been at home the last two years.

Miz says he is not hiding from Daniel Bryan or anyone. He will expose Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam and prove that Daniel is beneath him. Miz suggests getting Daniel out to talk about the match.

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We are in Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Corey Graves, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton,.

Byrons Interviews

Armed with a microphone and an incredible zest for life, Sarah Schreiber is gaining some notoriety among NXT viewers as the newest addition to the brand’s broadcast team. It seems only fitting that Schreiber, whose life has been synonymous with entertainment projects, would make her foray into the world of sports-entertainment. This week, talks with Schreiber to discuss her past, her present and the excitement surrounding her WWE future.

WWE.COM: You’ve been with NXT for nearly five months now. Tell us what it was like making your debut during WrestleMania weekend.

SARAH SCHREIBER: It was an incredible time to start. Such a thrilling opportunity and to begin on the biggest weekend of the year was beyond exciting. Sitting in the crowd of over 78,000 fans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, watching The Undertaker’s entrance, texting my brother the entire time, it was something out of a dream.

WWE.COM: What made you want to pursue the opportunity to join the WWE/NXT umbrella?

SCHREIBER: Coming from a theater background, it reminded me so much of why I love live performances. The thrill of being in front of the crowd, the adrenaline and excitement of the show. I also grew up watching WWE with my older brother Mark. I would be the only girl watching the pay-per-view events, and I was so captured by it.

WWE.COM: What were you doing before you entered the world of sports-entertainment?

SCHREIBER: I graduated from the University of Miami — go, Canes! — with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in musical theater. I lived in New York City and Los Angeles performing in theater, TV and film. Most recently, I have been guest-hosting at HSN, talking all the latest trends in jewelry and shoes at all times of the day… literally. Also, I just shot an ABC pilot produced by Eva Longoria, “NCIS: New Orleans” as well as “Bloodline.”



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We are in Evansville, Indiana and your announcers are Corey Graves, Tom Phillips, and Byron Saxton.