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Kick Off Show

We are at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California and your hosts is Renee Young. She is joined by Corey Graves, Booker T, and Byron Saxton.

Byron starts off by singing. Corey says there are few opportunities where he can say there is anywhere else he would rather be. Booker T is reading his own book to remember some of his Wrestlemania memories. He says this is Wrestlemania season so you have to be hyped.

Renee mentions the two matches on the Kickoff show. She mentions the Tag Title match while Byron mentions the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Renee says this could make someone’s career and she asks Booker how important it is to win the Battle Royal.

We are back with the panel and they are still perched on the top level of the stadium.

Renee mentions Lana is back and Booker is happy to see her back and that she has the bun. Byron says that Lana is back but it does not matter. Rusev is a ferocious lion and he is going to attack even if Lana is with him.

Byron says that Rusev wrote the Idiot’s Guide to Pissing off John Cena. Byron mentions that John is the first to get involved when there is something patriotic going on.

Byron says that in 2003 Triple H proclaimed Randy the future. Now Seth is called the future. Randy does not play well with others while Seth has shown that he will work with the Authority.

Byron says it is like a family and Wrestlemania is a family reunion.

We take a look at the Divas Tag Match with a video package.

Renee says AJ and Paige should be on the same side because they have a common enemy. Corey agrees but says they have the same common goal, to become Divas Champion. Byron says it is individuality versus the establishment.

Byron says that for Bray Wyatt this is his defining moment especially if he can beat Undertaker. He has been banging on Pandora’s Box and when it opens, Bray may be over his head when you consider Taker’s track record.

Renee asks how Roman will do on a big stage. Byron mentions the pact the Shield made. Roman is the first guy to attain the goal of making it to the top. This could be the crowning moment.

We are now less than an hour from the start of Wrestlemania 31 with our host Renee Young and her panelists, Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.
Corey says this is a legitimate heavyweight fight.

Byron says he had a chance to talk to Roman and he asked him how he was feeling. Roman says he is ready for the fight of his life. He is ready to walk out as the World Champion.

We go back to the Kickoff Show Panel and they talk about the tag title match.

Renee mentions Natalya putting Torito in the Sharpshooter. Byron says that you have to do something to be memorable and Natalya did that.

Byron talks about the people who come around during Wrestlemania week. He talks about being around Hillbilly Jim, Nikolai Volkoff, and Howard Finkel.

Byron mentions the New Day. They might not have won, but they made an impression and it could lead to something going forward. Booker says the New Day’s stock went up.

Byron says he thought Sandow was going to pull it off.

Byron and Renee talk about how much it means for Big Show to win because of the comparisons to Andre the Giant.

Main Show
We go to the Kickoff Show Panel with Renee Young, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves, and Booker T.

We go to highlights from the Tag Title Match on the Kickoff Show that was won by the champions Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

Byron says Wrestlemania is the opportunity to turn heads and all four teams made a statement.