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Renee Young and Byron Saxton are working with Michael and Maria.

Byron is with Paige and Alicia Fox. Byron asks Alicia what she loves most about the Hall of Fame and she says dressing up and hearing the speeches and mingling with the inductees.

Byron asks Paige about her ensemble. She says she is being the true Anti-Diva so she is wearing Doc Martens. She calls herself a Glampire.

Jake Roberts joins Byron and he says he is doing fabulous. Byron asks about what he can impart on a night like this. He says that he is trying to tell Roman Reigns that this is his time. You can go on the rest of your life and say you could have done this, or you can give it all. Byron asks Jake about Randy Savage. He says he will always remember the snake biting Randy. He mentions that he faced Randy for 40 minutes on a Saturday Night’s Main Event. Getting the ring last year, it still hurts knowing he is not there this year.

Byron is with Roddy Piper and his wife. Byron asks Roddy about how much it has changed over the 30 years. Roddy says it has made an impression. It is cool to see the young talent that has come through from the foundation of the first Wrestlemania. He says that he is proud of everyone. He says it is first class across the board. Byron asks Roddy about the Bushwhackers and them being inducted. Roddy says he was the first to be licked by Butch. Roddy was climbing the cage and he slipped off the cage. He says they are one of the greatest tag teams of all time. He says it is time they got in the Hall of Fame.

Byron is with John Cena and Nikki Bella. Byron asks John about the Hall of Fame being the calm before the storm. He says it is a reason to appreciate why we have Wrestlemania. You cannot have the present without the past. New generations get to hear about what got them to this point.

Nikki is asked about Alundra Blayze and she says that she was one of the first Divas and she was bold and daring. She was someone who was fearless.

John says he is looking forward to the Warrior Award as well as Arnold. Nikki says the Hall of Fame is like a prom. You see everyone dressed up and you honor the people who have done so much for the business.

John says it is great for the crowd to experience the Hall of Fame because they treat it with respect.

Byron is with Mark Henry and his son. Byron mentions how it is a family affair and he asks Mark how it fells to have his family with him. He says that he doesn’t want his children to look like a deer in headlights when he gets there. His son says that it is great to see the legends get their moment. Byron asks Mark about seeing Rikishi getting inducted. Mark says he loves the man and he is a good guy. He has looked out for his sons because dad called to make sure they are doing the right thing. It is good to seem them get their moment. Mark is asked about being in WWE for 20 years and if he still gets excited. Mark says he has been blessed to be in Halls of Fame and to complete his life as a sports entertainer is to get in the WWE Hall of Fame. The emotion that everyone shows when they get inducted makes him want it more.

Byron is with Ron Simmons and he says that all you have to say is that you need protection and you will be fine. Byron asks Ron about how much he enjoys seeing the fans. He says it is one of the most enjoyable times in his career. He did not have the opportunity to travel and stop to talk with the people and converse with them. It is a great time for him. Byron asks about how important it is to honor those who have accomplished so much. Ron says it was important because those who paved the way for him like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Arn Anderson, it has been memorable for him.

Michael asks Byron, Renee, and Maria what they are looking for.