WWE Wrestlemania

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Welcome to coverage of the Friday edition of Wrestlemania Today from Wrestlemania AXXESS in San Jose, California. Your host is Renee Young and she is joined by Byron Saxton and Corey Graves.

Byron says that Bray needs this moment because he thrives on being worshiped and praised.

Renee wonders if Bray has anything to lose. Byron says that this is Bray’s personal mission so he has a lot to lose. Bray decided that he needs his next defining moment and that moment is to face the Undertaker.

Renee brings up the mindset of Bray and how Byron pointed out on Smackdown that he was smiling and had no fear. Corey says that only Bray knows what is going on in his head. Corey says that it is genius, not madness. His plan is coming to fruition. He has manipulated the Undertaker and has forced Undertaker back into a WWE ring.

Byron points out that there are a lot of question marks around the Undertaker. Bray has perfected the mind games, but he is facing the man who wrote the book on mind games.

Renee asks for predictions. Corey says Bray is going to win. Byron says Bray needs this, but Undertaker will bring something else to the table we have not seen. Renee points out that Taker has had a year to stew on his loss last year.

The Tag Team Champions Tyson Kidd and Cesaro join the panel.

Byron points out that they won the title in less than three months as a team. Cesaro points out they started as a team on December 1st. They are facing three teams because they won’t take the easy way out.

Byron asks about the tag team division and if they are offended that anyone can win the title. Kidd wants to know if it was Cole or JBL. Cesaro asks Byron who does he think can beat them. Byron says it will be a hard battle.

Cesaro asks Corey if anyone can win the title from them. Corey says no one can and Byron calls Corey a suck up. Cesaro and Tyson say that is a fact.

Byron Saxton talked to Roman Reigns and we go to the interview.

Byron asks Roman about his evolution from NXT to the Shield to now. Roman says NXT was a great platform for someone with tools and he sharpened them. He gained experience he did not have.

The Shield was a godsend. It was a huge blessing. It thrust them into the positions they are in now. They wanted to raise the standard of the WWE and leave it a better place than they found it. For that to fall apart, it was like a rug being pulled out from under them. Things happen for a reason and he has grown.

Byron asks Roman about the moment with the Rock after winning the Royal Rumble. Rock told him to stay humble and remember that he is representing his family. Roman says that he is trying to lift the bar that his family has created.

Byron asks Roman what do you say to the detractors. Roman says that he respects people’s opinions but you have to respect his. He is asked about the pressure to face Brock Lesnar and he says this is the biggest moment of his life. Sometimes you can build a mystique. He has Paul Heyman feeding his bravado. Brock has backed it up, but he can be beaten and he is the man to do it. You are going to see a level of intensity you haven’t seen before. He has been told that he can’t. Roman says he can and he will. He tells Byron to believe that.

Byron says that if Roman was worried about his contract, he could use that as an advantage. Now that Brock is locked into a contract, his focus is on the title. This could make it tougher for Roman.

Byron talks about how he was inside the Elimination Chamber and it gives you a new perspective to be inside the ring. Corey talks about going into the WWE Super Store.

The next match to discuss is the Divas Tag Match with the Bellas facing AJ Lee and Paige.

Byron has a question for Renee and he says there are rumblings about the Divas and the split between the Bellas and Paige and AJ. Renee says the champion spearheads the division. There are some who want to get dressed up, but there are some who just want to come in wearing their sneakers.

Byron and Corey wonder if there would be a Total Divas without the Divas.

We see footage from Jon Gruden scouting the participants in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Byron asks if he has talked to Big Show about any alliance. Kane says he has not talked to Big Show and he would not tell us.

We take a look at a video package for the Orton versus Rollins match.

Byron asks about the skepticism of Orton rejoining the Authority. He says that Big Show wanted to bring Orton back with open arms while others did have doubts.

Byron asks what the Authority thought of Orton turning. He says it wasn’t good, but it is what it is. It happens a lot in the business.

We take a look at the ceremony from last night when Triple H unveiled the Ultimate Warrior statue with Warrior’s family.

Renee asks them what the Ultimate Warrior meant.

Byron says he had the tassels and the face paint. Corey says Warrior was his hero when he grew up. Corey says it was emotional to watch the ceremony last night and to see his family deal with this.

Renee mentions the Warrior Award for the Hall of Fame and Byron mentions that it will be given to Connor Michalek.

Renee mentions meeting Connor last year at Wrestlemania AXXESS and she says he was a sweet boy who touched everyone. Corey talks about how everyone had something positive to say about him. Renee mentions his family shows up at the events in Pittsburgh. Byron talks about the inspiration you get from Connor.

It is time to talk about the United States Title Match and we see a Rusev video package.

Renee asks Byron if John has put too much pressure on himself. Byron says that he may have but everything America is being represented, John Cena is there. Rusev’s comments light the fire under him.

Renee says that we have not seen John deliver against Rusev. Byron says for Cena to be focused at Wrestlemania, he can look back at what happened at Raw and Fastlane. At the end of the day, Cena will have to do what no one else has been able to do. They have not beaten Rusev by pinfall or submission.

Corey mentions that Cena got this match by making Rusev pass out.

Byron talked to John Cena about this match.

John says Wrestlemania is the single biggest event WWE has. Getting an invite to appear at Wrestlemania is an achievement you strive for. Every moment at Wrestlemania is a chance to show the world who you are.

Byron asks John about the match at Fastlane. Cena says that Rusev is a super athlete. He can do amazing things for a man his size. He has unbelievable strength and confidence. Rusev does not want any of him. He knew he would be the first to get out of the hold. Cena says that he wants the rematch because of what Rusev did while Lana distracted the referee.

Byron asks Rusev why it took so long to get the match. Cena says he thought he was not going to get the invitation. It is a privilege to be at Wrestlemania. What he did to get in the match was patriotic. A byproduct of that is getting his ticket to Wrestlemania.

Byron asks Cena about the patriotic nature of the match. He says Rusev’s comments show ignorance. Rusev lives here and he earns his living here. He is protected under the umbrella of everything the United States stands for but he runs us down. He tells Rusev to leave if he does not like it.

Byron asks Cena if the match isn’t as big as the other. Cena says that he was on the pre show for Wrestlemania 19. He was in the first match. He was in the last match. He has been on the middle of the show. Some say if you are not in the last match, it is a fleeting effort. Wrestlemania is Wrestlemania and any moment is a moment to last a lifetime.

This match, he is excited for. His first title was the US title and he won it at Madison Square Garden. If things go his way, Rusev gets his first loss and the man who is vocal about his distaste of the United States is humbled. Cena will be able to proclaim the Champ is back.

Renee asks what will happen if John Cena does not win. Byron says that we have seen that John can deal with set backs. It will affect him mentally because John is so patriotic. To think you failed an entire country, it will be significant. Corey says it could be catastrophic. John has put the weight on the country on his shoulders. He wonders what will this do to your psyche.

Byron brings up what would happen for Rusev if he loses.

What will happen to the WWE Universe if Cena loses? Corey says it would break a lot of hearts if Cena loses. Byron says Rusev did not want this match. It is due to Lana. The Rusev legacy could have gone on, but to put it at risk against Cena at Wrestlemania, it could add to Cena’s legacy.

Corey mentions Rusev’s training video that is on and while Cena trains just as hard, Cena needs to be ready for a battle on Sunday.

It is time to talk about the Intercontinental Title match. Renee mentions the prestige of the Intercontinental Title

Byron mentions the Hall of Famers who have held the title and then we see the video package that aired on Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler joins the panel.

Byron asks Dolph about all of the titles held by the participants in the match and about trying to steal the show. Dolph says him and Luke had a hell of a ladder match where both wanted to make the title mean something. Barrett is awesome and has the it factor. Everyone loves Daniel Bryan and they have a rivalry because of a tweet.

Byron asks Dolph about Daniel Bryan seeking redemption after winning last year at Wrestlemania and having the title removed.

Byron asks how do you prepare to get hurt. Dolph says you better get that rush going through the curtain and he feels it every night. You are excited and you have to deliver. He has never dropped the ball and he won’t do it on Sunday.

Dusty Rhodes joins the panel. He says anytime you can be around Wrestlemania, it is amazing. He says it is getting funky like a monkey.

Byron asks Dusty how has the match impacted Triple H and his family. Dusty says that negotiations and being an athlete as well takes its toll. Dusty says that this will be a first time match you do not want to miss. Dusty talks about the ability to get over nerves in certain sporting events, but when the bell rings, you have to be ready.

Byron asks Dusty about the Hall of Fame class and what it means to him to see them inducted. Dusty says this is a cool Hall of Fame. Dusty says he asked everyone about their favorite Bushwhackers match.

Corey says that the moment when Brock ended the streak is why Roman Reigns will not win on Sunday. Brock did the unthinkable and Roman has to do the same thing on Sunday. Byron says that Roman will be different on Sunday than what we have seen from him. He has been told that he can, but he will be someone we have not seen before.