Alexa Bliss as Barbie/Glinda the Good Witch
With the spookiest day of the year just a week away, we’ve called upon some of your favorite NXT personalities to take a leap back in time as they recall some of their favorite and most memorable Halloween costumes.

The resident queen of all things bling developed her affinity for glitter and glam at an early age with her on-point portrayal of Barbie-turned-Glinda the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz.”

“I was about 5 or 6 years old. Growing up, I was always a huge Barbie fan so it only made since for me to dress up as my idol at the time,” she said. “The outfit I wore matched my My Size Barbie doll. My mom was Dorothy and I was Glinda the Good Witch.”

Corey Graves as a marine
Known for his cool, laidback demeanor and incredible body art, Corey Graves traded tattoos for camouflage with this costume. Perhaps Graves can lay claim to spearheading WWE’s “Marine” franchise.

“Clearly I was a budding young marine growing up in Pittsburgh,” Graves said. “I was a master of camouflage at age 4 — so much so that my parents left me out there for three days because I blended in so well with the trees.”

Rich Brennan as Flint
The voice of NXT leant his support to the G.I. Joe brand in this display of classroom excellence.

“This was my extremely poor attempt to dress up as Flint from the G.I. Joe series,” Brennan explained. “I must’ve been around 10 years old. I was always a huge fan of G.I. Joe when I was a kid so I had to take on the outfit. In another life, if I weren’t doing commentary, maybe I’d be a G.I. Joe today.” [Laughs]

Renee Young as the Easter Bunny
Who would have imagined that WWE’s broadcasting beauty would make such a great bunny? Something tells us Adam Rose and company would greatly approve.

“Well, here I am at 4 years old and I went as the Easter Bunny for Halloween,” she said. “I think I was confused. Also, literally everyone in my family was forced to wear that thing at one point. It was a smash hit. I looted tons of candy that year!”

Tye Dillinger as Raggedy Andy
The Canadian Superstar found solidarity with the famed rag doll that became a pop culture icon. Like his in-ring style, Tye Dillinger nailed the role with exquisite precision.

“My mom and I were Raggedy Ann and Andy,” Dillinger recalled. “I believe I was 5 years old in this photo. As a single mom at the time, my mother always went above and beyond to make every special childhood event the best it could be for me, even if she had to do it all by herself.”

Becky Lynch as a panda
The self-proclaimed “life enthusiast” was anything but shy when it came to her love of bears. In fact, even Becky Lynch’s own sibling fell victim to her infatuation.

“OK, so I was 7 and I dressed up like a panda because I thought they were cool,” the NXT Diva said. “I thought I was strong like a bear but also more unique and rare, like a panda. That was the Halloween I threw my first non-birthday party. I thought birthdays and parties were the exact same thing and could spell birthday but not party, so I sent out all my invitations for my ‘Halloween birthday.’ My mom had bought a cake that was shaped like a bear, but because I had such a strong bond with the hairy fellas, I threw a tantrum when my mom attempted to cut it to dish it out to my friends. In my mind, I felt by cutting the birthday bear cake, she was causing harm to the bear. I later found out that my brother ate the ear, so in retaliation I kicked him so hard in the shin that I made him cry. I wasn’t just a unique panda; I was a defensive one, too!”

Mojo Rawley as Dracula
We know Mojo Rawley doesn’t get hyped, rather opting to stay hyped. As the invigorated NXT Superstar explained, staying hyped never took a back seat — even when it came to the scariest night of the year.

“My brother Casey and I both dressed up as Dracula,” Rawley remembered. “Halloween was always one of the most hyped days of the year for us and we were on a mission. We used to sprint around house to house, competing with one another to see who could get to the next house the fastest and who could coax the homeowner for the most candy. Trick-or-treating turned into a very competitive experience! My mom and dad used to drive their car around to keep an eye on us and to have a place for us to empty our Halloween candy pumpkin buckets.”

Alex Riley as a Baltimore Oriole
Alex Riley’s passion for sports and athletics has served him well. Proud of his deep-seated roots within the nation’s capital, A-Ry showed his support for a hometown hero and one of baseball’s all-time greats.

“Growing up in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, my favorite baseball team was the Baltimore Orioles,” Riley said. “My mom took this picture of me sporting an Orioles Cal Ripken Sr. jersey. As you can see, I’ve managed to maintain a stranglehold on my boyish good looks of yesteryear.”