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Matt Striker is in the ring and he brings out the rookies with their pros. It is time to see how well the rookies know their pros because they will be the tag team partner of the winner of NXT. Matt reminds us that Derrick Bateman has 4 immunity points and everyone else has nothing. This challenge is worth four immunity points.

It is time to play How Well Do You Know Your Pro. The pros will be asked a question and the rookie will guess their answer. The first question is ‘When I first saw my rookie, I thought ________.

Byron Saxton’s answer is ‘tan’. Dolph’s answer was ‘Carlton from Fresh Prince’.

The next question is ‘If your rookie had to pursue a career outside of sports entertainment, what would that career be?’

Byron Saxton is first and his answer is ‘singer’. Dolph’s answer was ‘Lifetime Network News Anchor’.

The next question is What is the biggest area of improvement for their rookie in order to become the next breakout star.

Byron’s answer is ‘to be more like Dolph Ziggler’. Dolph’s answer is more ‘dream journal entries and be more tan’

Dolph Ziggler claims that it is rigged.

We are back and we see footage of Byron Saxton stopping by to tell Masters that he learned everything that Masters knows in the two weeks that they were pro and rookie. Masters says that he has something special to teach Saxton.

Match Number One: Byron Saxton with Dolph Ziggler versus Chris Masters
They lock up and Masters with a side head lock and shoulder tackle that forces Saxton into the corner. Masters with a hip toss and slam and Saxton shows some frustration. Saxton pushes Masters and Masters slaps him. Saxton goes to the floor and then Masters follows and Saxton clotheslines Masters. They return to the ring and Saxton with a jawbreaker for a near fall. Saxton with a reverse chin lock on Masters. Masters with elbows but Saxton with a knee and bulldog for a near fall as Ziggler gives his opinion of Masters to him. Saxton with a rear chin lock. Masters gets to his knees and he gets Saxton on his back as he backs Byron into the turnbuckles.

Masters with a Samoan drop and both men are down. Ziggler gives some encouragement to Saxton. Masters with chops and punches to Saxton followed by a flying shoulder tackle and clotheslines. Masters with a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Masters with another chop in the corner followed by an Irish whip. Masters charges into a boot and Saxton with a clothesline from the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Saxton punches Masters and then he punches Masters in the corner. Masters pushes Saxton away and then Saxton misses a charge into the corner. Masters applies the Master Lock and Saxton is out.

Winner: Chris Masters

We are back and Matt Striker gets us ready for the next elimination. Since Derrick Bateman is safe this week, Matt wants to get Derrick’s thoughts on who should be eliminated. Derrick says that everyone is talented but the man who should go is the man with the most punchable face and that is Byron Saxton.

We go to the Random Generated Eliminatron Version 4.0 and the rookie who is eliminated is Conor O’Brian.