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Match Number One: Derrick Bateman, Johnny Curtis, and Abraham Washington versus Conor O’Brian, Jacob Novak, and Byron Saxton
Bateman and Saxton start things off and Saxton with a kick and forearm followed by a punch. Saxton with shoulders and an elbow in the corner. Saxton with an Irish whip but Bateman with a kick and then he takes Saxton down and he punches Saxton. Saxton with a drop toe hold and Novak is tagged in.

Bateman with a drop kick for a near fall. Novak kicks Bateman to the mat and then he gets a near fall. Novak with elbow drops followed by an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Novak with kicks in the corner until he tags O’Brian into the match. Conor kicks and punches Bateman. O’Brian kicks Bateman in the knee and chest in the corner until the referee warns Conor. He sends Bateman into the corner and then he tags Saxton back into the match. Saxton punches Bateman and then rakes his eyes across the top rope. Saxton kicks Bateman in the chest and snap mares him. Saxton with a reverse chin lock on Bateman. Bateman with elbows but Saxton with a head butt to stop Derrick. Derrick escapes a slam attempt but Saxton keeps Derrick from making the tag. Novak is tagged in and he kicks Bateman. Novak gets a near fall while O’Brian wants to be tagged in and Novak obliges. Novak with a slam and O’Brian gets a near fall. O’Brian works on the ankle but Bateman with a kick to get out of the hold but he cannot get to his feet. Bateman with a monkey flip and he tries to make the tag. Saxton keeps Bateman from making the tag but he is able to tag in Washington.

Washington with clotheslines and hits a running clothesline into the corner followed by a running forearm for a near fall. Washington avoids a punch and then he hits a belly-to-back suplex followed by the In Yo Face elbow drop. Novak tries to break up the cover. Curtis is tagged in and he drop kicks Novak even though he isn’t the legal man in the match. Washington and Novak go to the floor. O’Brian tries to interfere but Curtis back body drops O’Brian. Curtis hits the Falcon Arrow for the three count.

Winners: Johnny Curtis, Derrick Bateman, and Abraham Washington Videos

Related Links: Screen Captures | Digitals | Watch Video have posted Diary of the Departed video for Byron which every NXT star gets when they are eliminated from the competition. Here Byron talks about his time in NXT and how it felt to be eliminated.

FCW TV ResultsMultimediaPhotos

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Byron Saxton enters and he says that it looks like he has been called to the principal’s office. Maxine tells Byron that their relationship is more important to her than that. She says that they have worked very well together. Maxine tells Byron that she wants him to do a favor. She wants to make sure that Bo is carried out of the ring to the point where he can’t walk out of the ring. Byron asks Maxine about their deal and she says that the deal is on.

Match Number Three: Bo Rotundo versus Buck Dixon
Byron Saxton goes to the ring and tries to attack Rotundo but Bo saw him coming and he punches Saxton. Bo throws Saxton over the top rope to the floor. Lucky Cannon comes into the ring and attacks Bo and hits the Lucky Break on Rotundo.


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The rookies are on the stage along with Matt Striker and it is time for the Rock Em Sock Em Rookie Challenge. Derrick has a cheese head on to get the fans behind him. We see that Johnny Curtis has three immunity points while Derrick Bateman has two points. This challenge is for two immunity points.

Byron Saxton faces Brodus Clay and Todd wonders if the inflatable fighting area will sustain Brodus’ weight. Clay doesn’t get on his platform and he throws the foam implement of battle away and pushes Saxton off.

It is time for the finals and Derrick Bateman faces Byron Saxton for two immunity points.

They fight and Bateman appears to have left the platform first but Saxton appeared to hit the ground first. The officials confer and Saxton is declared the winner.

Bateman argues the result and wants them to reconsider as we see another replay. Josh thinks that Derrick won while Byron thinks he won.

Matt announces that we will have a replay of the finals based on the controversy.

This time it is obvious that Saxton won things and he ties Bateman for second with two immunity points while they still remain behind Johnny Curtis with three points. Brodus Clay is alone in fourth place.

Todd mentions that the winner of the second challenge tonight will earn immunity.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Byron Saxton with Dolph ‘Turd Ferguson’ Ziggler versus Derrick Bateman with Daniel Bryan

They lock up and Bateman backs Saxton into the ropes and Bateman with a break. Bateman with a drop kick and hip toss to Saxton followed by an arm drag into an arm bar. Bateman works on the arm and takes Saxton down and kicks him in the back. Bateman gets a near fall. Saxton with a forearm or two. Bateman and Saxton block hip tosses so Bateman with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Bateman addresses Turd Ferguson and then he goes up top.

Saxton crotches Bateman and gets a near fall. Saxton with a reverse chin lock and then Bateman escapes the hold. Saxton with a clothesline for a near fall. Saxton with a back elbow and then he gets a near fall. Saxton with a reverse chin lock while Masters starts the ‘Turd’ chant for Dolph.

Bateman with a belly-to-back suplex to escapes the hold. Saxton with a head butt to the midsection but Bateman with a kick and running double thrusts. Bateman takes a page out of Bryan’s book and hits a running drop kick into the corner. Bateman with a near fall. Bateman tries for a submission hold but he takes too long and Saxton with a near fall on a rollup.

Saxton with another near fall on a rollup and then Bateman with the LaBell Lock and Saxton taps out.

Winner: Derrick Bateman

After the match, Bryan celebrates Bateman’s victory while Ziggler appears embarrassed of his rookie’s performance.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the rookies are in the ring with Matt Striker and they have mics. The current standings are Johnny Curtis with three points; Derrick Bateman and Byron Saxton have two points; and Brodus Clay has zero points. This challenge is worth three points.

This challenge is the challenge. They have to guess the suggested retail value and the closest gets a point.

Our guest host for this challenge is AJ.

Dolph points out that AJ lost.

The first product is the Top Fifty Superstars of All Time.

Brodus guesses $29.99. Saxton guesses $24.99. Derrick guesses $19.99. Johnny goes with $1.00. The actual retail value is $34.95. Brodus Clay gets the point.

The next guest presenter is Naomi. This product is WWE Kids Magazine. Johnny goes first and guesses $6.95. Derrick guesses $9.99. Byron guesses $10. Brodus guesses $1.00. The retail value is $3.99 and Brodus gets another point.

AJ is back for another product to display. This product is a toy World Title Belt. Derrick guesses $39.99. Byron guesses $19.99. Brodus guesses $19.95. Johnny guesses $30.11. The price is $19.99 and Byron gets the point.

Naomi is back for our next product. It is the History of the WWE Title book. Byron guesses $28.95. Derrick guesses $38,451. Johnny guesses $30. Brodus guesses $23.00. The price is $28.00. Brodus Clay gets the point.

Dolph says that was the first time that Saxton went over.

Clay gets three immunity points and he ties Johnny Curtis. Their match will determine who gets Immunity.

We are back and it is time for elimination. Matt mentions that there is a tie in the immunity standings so Matt has Brodus and Johnny come forward to explain why they deserve immunity.

Johnny says that he should get immunity because the Packers rule.

It is time to see which of the three remaining rookies have had their last appearance on NXT. The NXTlimination 5000 spits out the photo of Byron Saxton. Matt asks Byron for his final thoughts.

Byron starts to cry and he tries to compose himself. He says that he doesn’t understand how the WWE Universe eliminates him. He doesn’t understand how you take a model citizen and a man’s man and send him home. Byron says that he forgives everyone. He says that we make mistakes all the time. We are misguided all the time. He says that he knows that one day that little birdie known as common sense will come home and everything will be A-OK.

Dolph wants to know what Bryan Saxton is smiling for because he is embarrassing him. He says that Saxton will never be anything and he disgusts him. He tells Saxton to get out of the building.

Saxton smiles as he leaves and he points at Ziggler.

FCW TV ResultsMultimediaPhotos

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Match Number One: Tito Colon, Percy Watson, and Johnny Curtis versus Byron Saxton, Conor O’Brian, and Bobby Dutch
Curtis and O’Brian start things off and they lock up with Curtis putting O’Brian in a side head lock. O’Brian with an Irish whip but Curtis floats over and tries for a sunset flip but O’Brian rolls through. Curtis sends O’Brian into the turnbuckle and gets a near fall with a rollup. Curtis with a European uppercut and then he sends O’Brian into the corner. Curtis with a slam and Colon is tagged in and he hits a slingshot senton. O’Brian with an Irish whip but Colon with a boot to the charging O’Brian. Colon goes to the turnbuckles but O’Brian pulls him off and Colon lands hard on the mat.

O’Brian kicks Colon and he tags in Dutch by slapping him. Colon with a punch but Dutch with a punch of his own. Colon with a sunset flip but Dutch rolls through. Dutch tries for a Shining Wizard but Colon ducks and gets a near fall with a rollup. Dutch with a clothesline to Colon as Colon tries to make a tag. Dutch with forearms across the chest and he tags in Saxton.

Saxton with punches to Colon and then he slaps Colon, showing him no respect. Saxton with a back elbow and he gets a near fall. Dutch is tagged back in but the referee did not see it. The argument in the corner allows Colon to try to make the tag but Saxton realizes what is going on and he grabs Colon by the leg and Dutch, now legally tagged in connects with an elbow drop. O’Brian tags in and punches Colon before Saxton is tagged back in. Colon fights out of trouble and hits a head scissors that sends Saxton into O’Brian on the apron.

Colon crawls across the ring but Saxton grabs Colon and tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Colon lands on his feet. Colon with a flatline and both men are down. Dutch and Watson are tagged in and Watson with punches but Dutch returns fire. Watson with a few drop kicks followed by a flying clothesline and facebuster. Watson follows with a neck breaker and Watson gets a near fall. O’Brian tries to interfere but Curtis takes care of O’Brian, sending him over the top rope to the floor. Colon hits a drop kick on Saxton before Curtis sends him out of the ring.

Curtis and Colon with stereo pescados onto O’Brian and Saxton while Watson and Dutch remain in the ring. Dutch with punches to Watson but Watson fires back. Dutch tries for a variation of the Boss Man Slam but Watson counters with the float over DDT for the three count.


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It is time for the Rookies and Pros to come out.

Matt reminds everyone about the immunity points and that nobody has any points. The first challenge will be an Arm Wrestling Challenge with the winner earning three immunity points.

The first match is Johnny Curtis versus Byron Saxton. Curtis gets a quick victory and advances to the finals.

Match Number One: Chris Masters versus Byron Saxton with Dolph Ziggler

They lock up and Masters backs Saxton into the corner and Saxton with punches and shoulders followed by an elbow and punches. Masters with a kick and then he chops Saxton. Saxton tries for a cross body but Masters catches him and hits a fallaway slam and gets a near fall. Masters works on the arm and wrist but Saxton with punches. Masters with an Irish whip and kick to the midsection followed by an overhead butterfly suplex. Masters waits for Saxton to get up and he puts Saxton in the corner. Saxton with kicks and forearms to Masters. Saxton with a near fall and arm bar as Ziggler watches from the apron. Saxton turns it into a key lock but Masters gets Saxton up for a Samoan drop.

Masters gets back to his feet first and he hits a few clotheslines. Saxton with a kick to the chest but Masters with a short arm clothesline and then Masters with a spinebuster and he gets pumped up for the Master Lock. Masters puts Saxton in the Master Lock and Saxton is out as Ziggler bites his towel in anger at his rookie’s performance.

We go to the dressing room and Saxton checks on Johnny and Byron asks Johnny about his head but Curtis asks Byron about his neck. Saxton says that he is worried about Johnny because people are talking about him. He says that people are saying that Johnny’s head is getting too big. Johnny says that he is friends with Truth while he is not friends with Saxton. He says that Saxton is one of the creepiest men he has ever met. Curtis says that he has a match to get ready for. Saxton says that Curtis can deny it all he wants, but they know the truth.

It is time for the second Rookie Challenge and Johnny Curtis has the only three immunity points so far. This challenge is the ‘Talk the Talk Challenge’ and it is worth two points. The rookies have thirty seconds to talk on a topic given to them. The crowd is the judge.

Byron Saxton is first and his topic is ‘WWE Pros’. Saxton talks about R Truth and he says that he has a tribute to R. He says that you can get with this or you can get with that, but the fact is that R Truth is all that. That’s what’s up.


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The rookies are in the ring with Matt Striker. Matt reminds everyone what the winner of this season of NXT means. There will be two challenges tonight for immunity points. The second challenge will be a Fatal Four Way Match where the rookie can change his pro if he wins.

It is time for ‘Out Think the Fink’ with ‘difficult’ trivia questions. Everyone except Derrick gets thirty seconds while Derrick only gets twenty seconds. The winner gets two points.

If it is Out Think the Fink, we need The Fink and he comes to the ring.

Striker talks about how much WWE stuff Fink knows. If you can outscore The Fink, you get two extra points.

The Fink goes first and he gives the cheap pop. Fink only gets two correct answers.

Byron Saxton goes next and he only gets one point as well.

Nobody gets any immunity points in this contest.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Rookie Fatal Four Way Elimination Match: Brodus Clay versus Derrick Bateman versus Johnny Curtis versus Byron Saxton
All four men start off in the ring and they all go after Clay, but then they go after Bateman. Saxton with shoulders to Bateman while Curtis with a European uppercut. They send Bateman to Clay and Clay with an overhead suplex. Clay eliminates Derrick Bateman.

Saxton and Curtis exchange looks and go after Clay. Clay grabs both men by the throat but they kick Clay and hit a double suplex on Clay. Clay rolls to the floor and Curtis with a rollup on Saxton for a near fall. Saxton with a clothesline to Curtis and then he kicks Clay on the floor. Curtis charges at Saxton and Byron sends Curtis over the top rope onto Clay. We go to commercial while Saxton is praised by his pro.

We are back and Clay with a body block on Saxton. Curtis is on the floor while Clay hits a suplex on Saxton. Dolph tells his rookie to get out of there. Clay gets a near fall. Curtis with a stunner on the top rope to Clay. Saxton with a facebuster on Clay and then he crotches Curtis before getting a near fall on Clay. Curtis with head butts to Saxton on the turnbuckles and Saxton goes to the mat. Curtis hits a double leg drop and he pins Byron Saxton.

Curtis covers Clay and gets another near fall. Curtis with European uppercuts to Clay. Clay works over Curtis and hits a running butt splash while Ziggler tells Saxton to do squats in the back until he gets back there.

Clay with a nerve hold on Curtis while we get some more commentary from the pros. Clay with a knee and then he connects with shots to the collarbone. Clay chokes Curtis in the corner. Curtis punches Clay and sends him into the turnbuckles. Curtis with shoulders in the corner. Clay with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Clay catches Curtis and hits an STO while he has Curtis in the Tongan Death Grip.