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We go to Briley Pierce with Byron Saxton, Naomi, and Cameron Lynn. Briley asks Byron what he is doing with them. Byron asks Briley what he thinks of Naomi and Cameron. Byron says that he sees two ladies who are unique, different, and platform of potential. Byron says that whoever or whatever messes with him, Naomi, or Cameron you are going to get messed up.

Naomi gives a shout out to her family. Naomi says that they are the baddest Divas in FCW. Cameron suggests that they challenge any two Divas to a match and then Cameron laughs like a dolphin.

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We are live on tape from Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Bryon Saxton and William Regal.

Byron mentions the two men who advanced in the Super Eight Tournament and William mentions that we will see Audrey Marie’s first in ring action as FCW Divas Champion.

We are back and William interrupts Byron to let everyone know that Richie Steamboat has been summoned to Maxine’s office.

William and Byron talk about the former FCW Champion Bo Rotundo

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We are live on tape from Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Matt Martlaro and Byron Saxton.
Matt and Byron welcome us to the show and they talk about the match tonight between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Bryon says that they might be putting their careers on the line for the Florida 15 Title.

We go to some highlights from their first FCW 15 match that went to a draw.
Byron says that it is like waiting for a movie to come out and it satisfies you, but you want more.

We go to commercial.
We are back and the clock has thirty minutes on it for our main event. Matt and Byron talk about their picks and they both think that Dean Ambrose will get the win.

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We are live on tape from Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Byron Saxton and Matt Martlaro.

Byron and Matt talk about the main event with Bo Rotundo facing Leo Kruger for the FCW Title with Norman Smiley as the guest referee. They start talking about the match between Brad Maddox and Richie Steamboat and they cut to the back where Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are fighting and they have to be separated by the other wrestlers. Byron and Matt mention that Seth and Dean will have a contract signing later tonight.

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Match Number Two: James Bronson with Byron Saxton versus Leakee
Leakee with a waist lock and forearms to Bronson. Bronson with forearms to Leakee and then he tries to send Bronson into the turnbuckles but Bronson blocks it and he sends Leakee into the turnbuckles. Leakee with a kick out of the corner after an Irish whip and Leakee gets a near fall.

While the match continues, Regal has to leave the ring because he has an urgent phone call and he heads to the back.

Leakee with a slam and he gets a near fall. Bronson with a punch to Leakee and then Bronson with a knee to the head and he gets a near fall. Byron Saxton takes Regal’s place at the announce table while Bronson chokes Leakee in the corner. Leakee with a punch but Leakee with a rollup for a near fall. Bronson with a forearm to the back followed by a gutwrench suplex for a near fall.

The straps are down for Bronson and Bronson applies a choke on Leakee and connects with forearms to the chest. Bronson gets a near fall. Leakee punches Bronson but Bronson with a kick to Leakee. Leakee with a leaping forearm for the three count.

Winner: Leakee

After the match Saxton is not happy with the result in the ring and he stares at Leakee on the turnbuckles.

Saxton says that after being on top as the FCW 15 Champion, Seth Rollins has finally found someone who can match him in intensity and ability. Byron thinks that it is only a matter of time before Dean Ambrose takes the FCW 15 Title.

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We are back and Byron Saxton comes to the ring with Erick Rowan and James Bronson. Saxton has something to say before the next match. He says that Titus didn’t learn anything last week when he told Titus to leave. This is his opportunity to send the first shot his way. That is where Rowan and Bronson come into the mix. They both know that Titus is a fraud. Byron wants Titus to sit back and watch them paint a picture. The picture is called ‘The Beginning of the End for Byron Saxton’.

Match Number Three: Erick Rowan with Byron Saxton and James Bronson versus Kenneth Cameron

Cameron avoids Rowan at the start of the match and Rowan gets a little frustrated. Cameron with a side head lock and Rowan picks up Cameron and throws him into the corner. They lock up and Rowan works on the arm. Cameron rolls through and hits a drop kick. Cameron kicks Saxton on the floor and that distraction allows Rowan to charge into the corner. Rowan chokes Cameron in the corner followed by a forearm. Rowan with an Irish whip and a bear hug as he moves Cameron from side to side.

Cameron escapes by pulling on Rowan’s beard. Cameron with a jawbreaker and then he tries to clip Rowan but Erick stays on his feet. Cameron with a front face lock but Rowan tosses Cameron across the ring. Rowan grabs Cameron by the throat and hits a choke slam for the three count.

Winner: Erick Rowan

After the match, Bronson applies a cross arm breaker on Cameron until the dog barking starts and Titus O’Neil comes out. Bronson, Rowan, and Saxton leave the ring.

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Sonia introduces Dean Martin from the University of Florida. The ring is adorned with blue and orange streamers and balloons. He has a few trinkets in his hands. He says that as the Dean of the University of Florida and a proud native Floridian, it is his privilege to introduce a man whose esteem knows no bounds. A man whose athletic accolades are unmatched. A man whose achievements have set the bar for those who follow. He introduces a good friend of his as he brings out the man who is the winner of the University’s most prestigious award. He brings out Byron Saxton and Byron is wearing his cap and gown.

Byron still has his arm in a sling as he still recovers from his broken arm.

Byron is told that he is the University’s Most Valuable Alumni. Byron is shocked at the award. The Dean tells Byron that there are some video tributes from his memories at Florida. The first video is from ‘Emmitt Smith’ (wearing a Tim Tebow jersey). The next tribute is from his favorite Professor, Miss Moffett, his Gender Studies lecturer.

Now it is time for Byron Saxton to say something. Byron says that he doesn’t know what to say. There are so many people to thank. He thanks his kindergarten teacher, his cousin, and his cats before thanking Titus O’Neil.

He asks Titus if he likes the streamers and balloons and he had to make a mockery of his university. Byron tells Titus that he is ashamed to have to share the spotlight with his three hundred pound barking carcass. He tells Titus to do the community and company a favor by leaving. He tells Titus to leave.

Titus isn’t going to leave and his music plays and in between the barking, he makes his way to the ring. Byron Saxton gets to the floor and he is backed by Erick Rowan and James Bronson.

Titus is not alone in the ring because Dean Martin is still in there and Titus appears to be angry at the fact that he did not win the award. The Dean tries to be Titus’ best friend but Titus gives the Dean a clothesline.