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We are live on tape and your announcers are Chris Russo and Byron Saxton.

Chris and Byron talk about the two matches that will move us closer to the Number One Contender for the FCW Heavyweight Title.


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Byron Saxton heads to the ring in Largo, FL on 4-27-12 courtesy of Lindsey Hauser

FCW TV ResultsPhotos

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We are live on tape from Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Chris Russo, William Regal, and Byron Saxton.
They talk about the tag title match tonight and Byron Saxton says that the champions have the advantage even though they recently lost a six man tag match because they have Abraham Washington. William Regal says that with a new team, the upstarts of Mike Dalton and CJ Parker might win.

FCW TV ResultsPhotos

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We se the footage from last month when Byron Saxton attacked Kenneth Cameron after one of Cameron’s matches.

Regal talks about how amazing Byron’s arm looks after having it in a sling for so long.

Match Number One: Byron Saxton versus Kenneth Cameron with Conor O’Brian
Byron is not anxious to get into the ring but when he does, he wants Cameron to take it easy and talk things out. Cameron with a spear and then he slams Saxton’s head into the mat. Cameron with forearms as Saxton hopes he can survive. Cameron clotheslines Saxton over the top rope to the floor. Saxton gets up and he sees O’Brian standing at ringside, not doing anything.

Cameron sends Saxton back into the ring and Saxton punches Cameron and tries to escape. Cameron with a near fall. Saxton with a low blow while the referee fixes the ring skirt. Saxton sends Cameron to the apron and then he connects with a boot to the head to send Cameron to the floor.

Cameron returns to the ring and Saxton with a modified choke. O’Brian moves from his position at ringside and yells. This forces the lights off and we go to commercial.


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Thank you to Bobby, we now have candids from Byron in FCW which i love to see. So i say a big thank you to him, check them all out in the gallery.

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Credit to Jake Sposetta we now have photos of Byrons 3/3/12 FCW Live Event flag match featuring Byron Saxton and CJ Parker vs. Sakamoto and Jiro – which is great to see him back in a wrestling ring…

Match Results – Byron Saxton and CJ Parker def. Sakamoto and Jiro

FCW TV ResultsPhotos

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We are live on tape from Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Byron Saxton, Chris Russo, and William Regal.

They talk about the Divas Title Match and the FCW Heavyweight Title Match on this week’s show.

Match Number Three: Kenneth Cameron versus Jiro
The bell rings and Cameron charges at Jiro and he connects with knees and then he Irish whips Jiro. Jiro with an elbow and chops. Jiro with a kick but Cameron blocks a second kick. Jiro with an enzuigiri. Cameron with a hard Irish whip and Cameron bridges while yelling at Jiro. Cameron runs his forearm across the head and then he hits a leaping elbow drop followed by a boot to the chest.

Cameron screams and he hits a fisherman’s buster for the three count.

Winner: Kenneth Cameron

After the match, Byron Saxton gets up from the announce table and he goes into the ring and he punches Cameron with a roll of quarters after doing his Ascension scream.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see the footage of what Byron Saxton did before the commercial break. Byron says that his shoulder is only at sixty-five percent but he is healing.