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Matt is on the stage with the rookies and next week there is another elimination so the voting starts tomorrow at noon Eastern. Remember that the winner gets to wrestle for the WWE Tag Team Titles with your pro.

The pros are in the ring and that means it is time for a challenge and is worth two immunity points. It is the slingshot challenge. The pro will shoot a t-shirt at the rookies and you must catch them and put them in the trash can.

Byron Saxton and Dolph Ziggler are next. Saxton with one point and that puts him in the lead.

Match Number One: Conor O’Brian with Alberto Del Rio versus Byron Saxton with Dolph Ziggler
O’Brian works on the arm but Saxton gets to the ropes and O’Brian releases the hold. Alberto gives O’Brian some advice and Saxton with a drop toe hold. They lock up and O’Brian tries to back Saxton into the corner but they continue the tie up as they go around the ring. O’Brian finally gets Saxton into the corner and he breaks but Saxton with a punch to O’Brian’s snout. Saxton with a boot to the head and then he punches O’Brian in the head until the referee stops him. Saxton with a kick to the midsection. Saxton chokes O’Brian in the ropes and then he stomps O’Brian in the back and gets a near fall. Saxton with a rear chin lock on O’Brian while Ziggler tells Byron what to do.

O’Brian with an arm wringer and punches to Saxton. Saxton with a knee and bulldog for a near fall. Saxton with a surfboard and he has his knee in O’Brian’s back. O’Brian tries to escape but Saxton with a knee to the back. Saxton gets a near fall and Saxton shows some frustration. O’Brian punches Saxton and connects with a European uppercut. Saxton with a head butt to the midsection and knee to O’Brian followed by a clothesline and he gets a near fall. Saxton returns to the rear chin lock and Ziggler tells Saxton to do more.

O’Brian with a European uppercut but Saxton with a hard Irish whip. Saxton pulls O’Brian out of the corner and Saxton gets another near fall. Saxton runs into a boot in the corner and O’Brian follows that with a full nelson slam for the three count.

We have the Superstar Password Challenge coming up with the rookies.

The rookie will have to get the pro to guess which superstar they are talking about.

Byron Saxton and Dolph Ziggler are next. The first password is John Cena. Dolph guesses it after the music plays. Bryon gives Mark’s entrance music and Dolph guesses it. Byron had JTG but couldn’t get it in time. They have two points.


Related Links: Screen Captures | Digitals | Watch Video

Matt is on the stage with the rookies and pros. Matt reminds everyone that one rookie will be eliminated tonight. He says that the winner of NXT will wrestle for the WWE Tag Titles. The rookie will team with their pro in that match. The pros will have a challenge as well. It will be an over the top rope battle royal. The winner of the battle royal has the opportunity to trade their rookie away if they want.

Match Number One: Pro Battle Royal Challenge
Winner: Dolph Ziggler
After the match, Ziggler gets on the mic and he says that he won it fair and square so he wants a round of applause from the fans. Ziggler tells Jacob that he never liked him. He says that Jacob is terrible, he doesn’t have it and is only a blazer from Express. Ziggler says that he wants to train a winner. He chooses Byron Saxton.

Match Number Two: Jacob Novak with Chris Masters versus Byron Saxton with Dolph Ziggler

They lock up and Novak with a knee and forearm to the back. Novak with punches to Saxton and then he connects with an elbow in the corner. Saxton avoids a punch from Novak and he connects with punches in the corner. Novak with an Irish whip but Saxton with a float over. Novak with kicks to Saxton and he gets a near fall while Ziggler wonders where this was from Novak in the competition.

Novak with a slam and a leg drop for a near fall. Novak with a forearm to Saxton followed by an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Novak with a kick to the chest followed by an elbow drop and he gets another near fall. Novak with a reverse chin lock as Bryon gets to his feet. Saxton with punches to Novak followed by a back elbow and he gets a near fall.

Novak with a kick to the head and Saxton goes to the mat. Novak sends Saxton into the turnbuckles and connects with forearms to the back. Novak sends Saxton into the turnbuckles and he punches Saxton. Novak with an Irish whip and a side slam for a near fall. Novak returns to the chin lock and then he sends Byron to the mat. Novak misses an elbow drop. Saxton with punches and then he catapults Novak into the turnbuckles and then tries for a sunset flip.

Novak misses a charge and Saxton with a series of clotheslines. Saxton with a modified bulldog for a near fall. Novak gets his boot up when Saxton charges into the corner. Novak with a shoulder tackle and then he sets for a suplex but Saxton escapes and hits a modified Side Effect for the three count.

Winner: Byron Saxton

After the match, Ziggler celebrates with his new rookie.

Byron talks about his big win under his new pro. Saxton talks about the thought of being tag champions. Dolph says that he wouldn’t mind having more gold. Dolph tells Byron to stay away from his girlfriend. Byron says that they have a Battle of the Mic Competition and he will say something to Jacob.

It is time for the Battle of the Mic Challenge and all of the rookies are in the ring. Matt reminds them about the immunity standings.

The next challenge is Derrick Bateman and Byron Saxton.

Bateman goes first and he introduces everyone to the voice that single handedly destroyed ECW. He talks about the love child of Carlton Banks and an uglier shorter Carlton Banks.

Byron Saxton says that the reality is that when you look in the mirror, he is always better than Derrick.

The winner of this round is Derrick Bateman.