Byrons Interviews

BY Byron Saxton – October 10, 2013

Pogo sticks, headbands and hugs! NXT Diva Bayley is living the dream alongside the premier Superstars and Divas of WWE NXT. In the second edition of NXT 10-Count, Bayley answers 10 questions submitted by you, the WWE Universe. Ring the bell, the 10-Count starts now!

WWE UNIVERSE: Who inspired you to wrestle?

BAYLEY: My parents, along with “Macho Man” Randy Savage, The Rock, The Hardy Boyz, Lita, Eddie Guerrero, Ivory, Victoria and Triple H.

WWE UNIVERSE: Who is your favorite WWE Diva and why?

BAYLEY: Currently my favorite is AJ Lee because she’s taken on the Divas division full speed and she’s made a huge impact. Plus, she gave me a hug one time!

WWE UNIVERSE: T-Rex or Velociraptor? Go.


WWE UNIVERSE: Is there anyone you wouldn’t hug?

BAYLEY: You know when you first meet someone and they shake your hand? Hugging is how I shake hands. I live hug life. So no, there isn’t anyone I wouldn’t hug. But I’m not too sure if I’ll be hugging Summer Rae anytime soon after she broke my headband.

WWE UNIVERSE: Who would you love to face in the WWE Divas division, past or present, and why?

BAYLEY: Ivory! She was amazing in the ring. She would be a huge challenge and I could learn a lot from her. She was also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met – very happy and energetic.


Byrons Interviews

Ever wonder which television show your favorite NXT Superstar or Diva loves to watch? How about his or her favorite, tummy-pleasing meal? Let the speculation subside as proudly presents the inaugural edition of NXT 10-Count — a 10-topic Q&A session with an NXT Superstar or Diva!

For the NXT 10-Count kickoff, we’ve placed NXT Diva Emma in the hot seat. Although recovering from an unceremonious attack at the hands of Summer Rae last week on NXT, Emma agreed to sit down with and answer the most random set of questions possible.

Also, for this new column, the NXT Universe is encouraged to tweet questions they’d like to see answered by NXT’s wide range of colorful personalities by using the hash tag “#NXT10Count.” What is your average day like?

EMMA: I usually train for a few hours in the ring, then an hour of training with my strength coach. I enjoy cooking and eating healthy, so I spend a bit of time preparing food daily, baking healthy treats, etc. I like to spend some alone time doing cardio in the afternoon with my earphones in and music blaring! It’s my time to think and see if I’m achieving all that I can! I like to read motivational tweets and quotes to keep a positive mindset, too. Then if there’s time, I’ll go for a tan and relax at night by watching a movie. What’s one of the coolest things you’ve ever done?

EMMA: My brother, Rhett, and his wife, Maggy, took me skydiving when I was younger for a Christmas present. We jumped out of a plane that was 14.000 feet in the air!