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The once-powerful trio of Charlotte, Summer Rae and Sasha Banks is no more. As the WWE Universe has witnessed on NXT, the BFFs have all gone their separate ways. Charlotte reigns supreme as the NXT Women’s Champion, and Summer Rae has transcended her notoriety from Raw and SmackDown to leap onto the silver screen with “The Marine 4.” But what about Sasha Banks? The cornerstone of the BFFs has found herself on a singular path in the pursuit of success. This week, The Boss sits down with to discuss the BFFs, her future and NXT. Some of her comments may surprise you!

WWE.COM: What are your honest feelings about the breakup of the BFFs?

SASHA BANKS: I’m glad to be rid of them. They were like leeches, living off of my hard work. I’m the one who put in all of the hours, all of the blood, sweat and tears that made the BFFs the dominant group we were, and they’re the ones who received all the glory. It’s about time I grabbed that shine for myself.

WWE.COM: What are your thoughts on Charlotte’s reign as NXT Women’s Champion?

SASHA: Bravo for her. I’m happy she’s got something to fool herself into believing that she’s the best around here. But if I have anything to say about it, she won’t have that championship for long.

WWE.COM: What about Summer Rae?

SASHA: What about her? Every time I hear about something new that Summer has thrown her way, I feel like the knife she left in my back is sliding deeper. She fed me all this nonsense about how siding with her would lead to all of those same opportunities for myself, yet nothing has come of it. She just used my talents to get herself ahead. Personally, if I were Layla, I’d be sleeping with my eyes open.


Byrons Interviews

Did you know that Mojo Rawley is an avid collector of Zubaz clothing? How about the fact that Mojo never drinks coffee? This week, the “Master of Hype” is in the hot seat answering the questions from YOU, the WWE Universe, in NXT’s 10-Count.

WWE UNIVERSE: What is the difference between the training you went through in the NFL compared to the training you’ve gone through with WWE?

MOJO: I was surprised to see the extent of how different the training is. In football, I was a defensive lineman so my weight training was centered around achieving mass and power. I did mostly high weights and low reps. My cardio training primarily required me to operate at a high energy output for short bursts throughout a football game. Now, my cardio and weight training has to enable me to function nonstop throughout a match. I have to be able to function continuously throughout the entirety of a whole match. Quickness within a ring is more important than straight line speed on a football field. The structure of my training has changed completely but my training style has not. Intensity, conditioning, power and HYPE!

WWE UNIVERSE: There has to be a time when you are not hyped, right?

MOJO: There isn’t. I stay hyped all the time, no matter what. That is what I stand for, that is my foundation. I learned a long time ago that this is what is required to achieve success. Even when things are at their worst, you have to be more hyped than ever so you have what it takes to fight through the storm and into the light.

WWE UNIVERSE: What do you do in your free time?

MOJO: Outside of training, my favorite hobby is break dancing! I love going and dancing for hours nonstop. It’s phenomenal cardio, plyometric and agility-based training, and my dance moves are awesome! I am also a collector of the clothing known as Zubaz. I own hundreds of pairs of shorts, pants, underwear, shirts, head bands, bandanas, neckties, sunglasses and even a wrestling singlet among others. They are the only thing I like to wear in my free time because they are crazy comfortable and look amazing!


Byrons Interviews

Camacho has never been known as the flashiest Superstar on NXT nor the most boisterous. This former tag team competitor has recently resurfaced and has vowed that things will be different this time around. In a rare interview, Camacho speaks on his new rival, Adam Rose, the NXT Universe and why he plans to change NXT as we know it.

WWE.COM: What has been your mindset since embarking on your singles career on NXT?

CAMACHO: The mindset is to let the NXT roster and NXT Universe know that I’m better off alone. I am very capable of standing on my own two feet and taking down every opponent I face in the ring.

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WWE.COM: There’s always been a cloud of mystery surrounding you. Who is Camacho?

CAMACHO: Camacho is the name of a very angry man. I’m angry because I don’t get the respect that I’ve earned since I joined NXT. I’m always hearing of people who underestimate the work and heart I put in to my profession so that I can be the top Superstar in NXT. I don’t have to record a video diary like some NXT Superstars to prove to the world that I work hard at my job. I don’t have to check in on Facebook every time I go to the gym and I sure as heck don’t have to hashtag every goal I have on Twitter. I work in silence so my success can be my noise.

WWE.COM: Tell us about your background.

CAMACHO: I know what it’s like to compete for things you want. I grew up with two brothers and a sister. Every time Mom made us dinner, you made sure you were at that table an hour before or else you were probably gonna go to bed hungry. I was the first from my family to receive a full scholarship to college and the first to graduate. I put in the work, time and sweat to get everything I want, and everything I’ve wanted I’ve gotten.

WWE.COM: What are your thoughts on the NXT Universe?

CAMACHO: The NXT Universe is full of schmucks. I grew up watching competitive athletes work and fight to make a living and it was honorable, unlike some of the Superstars who prance around the ring. Where is the honor in that?

WWE.COM: I suppose you are referring to Adam Rose, who you’ve had issues with recently.

CAMACHO: Adam Rose can take his freak show to MTV. NXT is a show for athletes. Adam Rose takes my profession and turns it into a joke. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no place for Adam Rose or anyone like him around here.

WWE.COM: What separates you from the other Superstars of NXT?

CAMACHO: I’m tougher. I’ve never had surgery, I’ve never had a broken bone and I’ve never been sidelined by any injury. How many guys on the NXT roster can say that? These days, it seems like guys are on the shelf because they stubbed their toe. I’d dare someone to stub mine just so I can have a reason to hurt them.

WWE.COM: What’s different about this Camacho compared to a year ago?

CAMACHO: A year ago, I was unsure about me and my future with Hunico. Today, I know who I am and what I’m going to accomplish. You can’t trust anyone to help you get what you want and to help get you to where you want to be.

WWE.COM: What can we expect to see from you in the future?

CAMACHO: Dominance. I know that my opponent doesn’t hit harder than me. Heck, my opponent probably doesn’t even hit harder than my mom. I plan to accomplish my goals of being the No. 1 contender for the NXT Title, becoming NXT Champion and then ridding this place of the circus characters that annoy me. After that, I’m gonna reconstruct the foundation of NXT and rebuild this place the right way. I’m gonna make NXT respectable again.

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Byrons Interviews

Who is Sami Zayn’s celebrity crush? How does the Montreal native feel about comparisons to Seth Rogen? And could we see Zayn vs. Cesaro one more time? Sami Zayn is in the hot seat this week answering questions from you, the NXT Universe.

WWE UNIVERSE: How do you prepare for your matches?

SAMI ZAYN: Sometimes I listen to music on my headphones and walk around backstage acting weird. But in recent years, I’ve found it better to avoid trying to “get in the zone” so I just stay loose, go out when it’s my turn, and feel the moment as it comes.

WWE UNIVERSE: I’ve noticed that you’re a punk rock fan. What bands would be on your fantasy lineup?

ZAYN: Rancid, Against Me!, The Bouncing Souls, Street Dogs, Dropkick Murphys. It would be pretty sweet if Operation Ivy also re-formed for this one fantasy evening.

WWE UNIVERSE: Could you see yourself facing Cesaro again?

ZAYN: There is no doubt in my mind that our paths will cross again one day. It just won’t be on NXT.


Byrons Interviews

At NXT ArRIVAL, Adrian Neville entrenched himself in the WWE history books by defeating Bo Dallas and capturing the NXT Championship in what was NXT’s first-ever Ladder Match. A week removed from the event,he buzz from the contest and NXT ArRIVAL continues. Neville sat down with to discuss the future, his past and his brand-new title.

WWE.COM: Now that you’ve had some time to digest the feeling, what does being NXT Champion mean to you?

ADRIAN NEVILLE: The NXT Championship means everything to me. It’s more than just an accolade or just an achievement, this title means validation. The NXT Championship is a message to anyone and everyone that anything is possible.

WWE.COM: You find yourself now representing a movement for the next generation of WWE talent. How important is that to you?

NEVILLE: That’s hugely important for me. I’m surrounded by the Superstars of tomorrow, day in and day out, and there’s a fantastic atmosphere fueled by passion for this business. I’m proud to be at the forefront and to represent this crop of Superstars and Divas every time I compete. I want the world to see the dedication we have and that no matter what obstacles you encounter, let your passion drive you and let your ability speak for itself.

WWE.COM: You captured the NXT Championship by competing in the first Ladder Match of your career. What was that like?

NEVILLE: Being in a Ladder Match was an exhilarating experience, but it was right up my alley. It’s a match I predicted would be a perfect fit for ”The Man Who Gravity Forgot” and I wasn’t wrong. Despite my preparations, I was still surprised by the unpredictable nature of the match. As you saw, literally anything can happen and you never know what to expect.


Byrons Interviews

On Thursday, Feb. 27, at NXT ArRIVAL on WWE Network, Paige will defend the NXT Women’s Championship against No. 1 contender Emma. Undoubtedly two of the most popular and successful NXT Divas today, it seems only fitting that this highly-anticipated contest will take place live on the largest stage of NXT’s four-year history. While the NXT Universe is abuzz over the matchup, there’s another interested panel of observers – the NXT Divas. This week, gets the NXT Divas’ predictions on Paige vs. Emma.

As the inquiring journalistic mind behind the innermost thoughts of NXT’s Superstars and Divas, Devin Taylor wasn’t shy with her prediction.

TAYLOR: I think Paige will remain the NXT Women’s Champion. Although she has been out for a while with an injury, I don’t think this will be a disadvantage to her. Sometimes when you’re on the sidelines, it makes you hungrier, and you come back stronger physically and mentally. Paige has had the opportunity to see Emma’s success on Raw and SmackDown, and the last thing she would want is for Emma to continue that success on NXT.

Having been in the ring with both combatants, NXT Diva Bayley believes the ArRIVAL match will more than exceed expectations.

BAYLEY: I can’t wait to see part two of this match. Paige beat Emma to become the first NXT Women’s Champion, and now we get to see if Paige can do it again. The first match was great and historic, but at NXT ArRRIVAL, it will mean even more. This is their time to prove to not just the NXT Universe, but to the whole world, who is the best once and for all. It’s hard to choose who I want to come out on top because I’m good friends with both. But if I have to choose, I would have to go with Emma. The #EMMAlution has been running strong as of late, and I’m not sure that Paige can stop it.

Not surprisingly, Beautiful Fierce Female members Sasha Banks and Charlotte had similar views … kind of.

CHARLOTTE: I want Paige to hold onto the Women’s NXT Championship so the BFFs can be the ones to end her winning streak!

BANKS: As far as we are concerned, Emma is a joke and a comedy act. If by some miracle she’s able to win, we are going to slap that smirk right off her face and take the NXT Women’s Championship.

Though JoJo has yet to compete on NXT, she has been particularly interested in the matchup, and its impact on the entire NXT women’s division.

JOJO: I think the match between Emma and Paige is going to be very close. Both Divas are tough competitors, and both bring something different to the table that we really haven’t seen in a long time. I know Paige won’t give up her title up, but I also think Emma is going to surprise a lot of people with how well prepared she is for this match. It’s a win-win situation for all of the NXT Divas.

Will the fiery, raven-haired Paige continue her historical reign as NXT Women’s Champion, or will Emma’s era of awkwardness assume its bubble-filled throne atop the NXT women’s division? The speculation will conclude on Feb. 27 at NXT ArRIVAL, live at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on WWE Network!

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Byrons Interviews


I must’ve been 6 or 7 years old when I got ahold of the Junkyard Dog action figure. Even though it came out during the mid-1980s, its true-to-life features (especially for that time) gave me the opportunity to appreciate an individual whose charisma and personality not only broke barriers, but became a worldwide attraction for a company I grew up watching. Even though my mom had issues with me head-butting my friends back then, watching Junkyard Dog reminded me that I could achieve anything I wanted and be universally accepted, regardless of my race or background.

This month, all across the United States we pay homage to the contributions of individuals of African descent to our society. Here in WWE, it’s no different. Much like Junkyard Dog influenced me, there is a host of other African-American Superstars and Divas who, in some way, shape or form, helped pave the way for the NXT Superstars of today.

“One of the Superstars I looked up to was The Big Cat Ernie Ladd. Even though he was well before my time, at 6-foot-9 he was one of the first big (literally) African-American Superstars,” said NXT Superstar Angelo Dawkins.

“He earned Hall of Fame honors in both WWE and the NFL, which tells you how good he really was,” Dawkins said. “I still have a pair of Ernie Ladd retro black trunks that I used to wear. He was class personified whether he was in the ring or behind a microphone.”