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We are at Full Sail University and your host is Byron Saxton and he is joined by Byron Saxton, Paige, and The Miz.

Byron has Chris Jericho with him and he says that he wanted to be on Tough Talk since Miz never invited him. Chris leaves the stage.

Byron welcomes the judges.

Byron brings up Chelsea to talk about the elimination.

Byron mentions that Giorgia would have been eliminated if the save was not used. Chelsea says that if she had to lose to anyone, she would feel that she lost to an equal. She cannot say the same about Amanda and Sara.

Chelsea says that she is pissed at the Miz and the Miz points out that the WWE Universe voted her out. Miz asks why didn’t Paige or Daniel make the save? Why is he the jerk?

Byron brings up Amanda and Byron says that she had a scare earlier. She did think that Miz was going to put her up. She says that she is humble. Miz tells Amanda she is not humble and he is not humble. It is okay to be arrogant.

Amanda says that this is her personality and she is not cocky, she is confident. If they are worried she got saved because of her looks, then you should be jealous.

Byron asks Amanda about her comments to Chelsea about getting better in the ring while Chelsea will not be better looking. Amanda says that she could get better in the ring. She will give it back to Chelsea if Chelsea gives it to her.

Chelsea says that Amanda is better looking, but she can always put make up on. She points out that she is definitely better in the ring.

Amanda says that they have their strengths and weaknesses.

Byron talks about the teamwork aspect.

Chelsea says they will both work on their teamwork. Amanda says that they showed teamwork in the fire drill and they were improving. They could be great partners in the future. Byron asks them if they could be friends and they say they could be friends.

Byron brings up the similarity in their hair colors.

Miz does not appreciate that the girls are being nice and he wants drama.

Amanda says Chelsea is a great person and she does belong to be here. This won’t be the last for her and Amanda thinks Chelsea will be in the WWE.

Byron brings up Giorgia. He mentions this is the first time she was in the bottom three and she got saved. Giorgia says that she is so happy now and she thanks Paige. Miz brings up that she is happy, but she had the lowest vote total.

Byron says that Paige sees more in Giorgia than Amanda. Paige mentions that Giorgia wins competitions and is humble. Amanda mentions she has won a competition. Paige mentions that Giorgia is not starting drama in the house.

Paige says Amanda is starting to piss her off and she would love to see Amanda in the ring.

Paige says if Amanda does not prove it to her, she will be in the bottom three next week.

Byron asks Sara if she thinks she is safe. She says she would never pick someone up if she thought she was going to hurt them. Sara says she should have apologized, but Giorgia did not address it right away.

Byron mentions this is not the first time that it has happened. Why does she still have this reputation. She says you are not going to learn it fast, but Byron mentions that everyone else has learned. Sara says that she has been improving.

Byron brings up ZZ and ZZ says it was great not to be in the bottom three. He says every flower on the tree don’t bloom at the same time. The last one to bloom is the biggest and the prettiest.

Byron asks Miz about his lazy comments about ZZ. He says that he likes ZZ as a person. He says ZZ is a nice guy and works on a reality show. In the WWE locker room, he reminds him of Daniel Puder. Daniel was the fan favorite, but a year later he was gone. He does not want to see that happen. He says ZZ is very sloppy because of his cardio.

Byron says it is not so strong after the Josh and Tanner situation in the barracks.

Byron wants to know what is going on between Josh and Tanner. Byron asks Tanner what about Josh got something out of him that none of the others have. Tanner says he likes Josh’s hair and the tattoos. He says there is a comfort level.

Josh says he wasn’t sure about opening that gate and then it got weird.

Byron talks to Josh about Booker saying he has the ‘It Factor’. Josh says he lost his mojo but he is getting his groove back. Booker saw that and moving forward, it will change.

Byron asks for final comments.

Byron mentions we are three weeks away from finding out who will win.

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