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The panel discussed how Damien Sandow was unable to wrestle due to the occupation. They went to footage of Sandow arriving. Byron Saxton interviewed him and asked him if he felt there would be repercussions from the Authority. He said that he looked at the situation and did what was best after he analyzed the situation. He said he didn’t go to the ring because “half of the city bought a Daniel Bryan t-shirt and surrounded the ring.” He said he felt that The Authority would understand.

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Byron interviewed The Miz for WWE Exclusives. Byron was speaking about the Andre the Giant Memorial battle Royal at WMXXX as Miz chimed in with a sarcastic tone said that he shouldn’t have to apply to be in the battle royal. Afterwards he interviews two amazing actors from NCIS LA (great show) LL Cool J and Chris O’ Donnell about their experience of being at WWE Raw. To see more check out the videos in the links above.

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Byron wasn’t used as much as I would of liked on the WWE App as he had to share interviewing with Tom Phillips but he managed to get in a word with both The USO’s and The Bellas. So make sure you check out the videos currently on


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Main Show
Byron Saxton is in the interview area with Kane. Byron asks Kane about his loss on Main Event and his tag match tonight. Kane says that Daniel Bryan was lucky and his luck runs out tonight. As long as he has known Daniel, he has anger issues. This anger forces Daniel to make bad decisions, like challenge Triple H to a match at Wrestlemania. He will rip off Daniel’s beard and shove it down his throat

Batista is in the locker room and Byron Saxton asks him about his match later tonight. Batista says Daniel Bryan is starting to face reality that there is nothing special about him. He says that it is all good. He will run through Daniel Bryan and Kane by himself. He needs to focus on Randy Orton. When he wins the title at Wrestlemania, there will be a real man who is the face of the WWE.

Backstage Pass
Josh sends it to Byron Saxton in the locker room. Byron asks Cody Rhodes about the main event and what it means for Daniel Bryan. Cody says that he was in the same position as Daniel Bryan and he thinks that Daniel is getting closer to his match at Wrestlemania.

Byron asks Big E. He says that you can’t keep a good man down.


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We are in Chicago, Illinois and your announcers are Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips. The Guys start talking about how we are weeks away from Wrestlemania and Byron says so many questions who’s going to be the WWE Heavyweight Champion, will the Streak come to an end? You cant help but get excited. As they head back towards the ring for Titus O’Neill vs Zack Ryder.

Later on they come back to the announcers booth as Byron and Tom are discussing the Streak and that it will be defended at Wrestlemania in New Orleans. Brock Lesner will try to make history against the Undertaker. Byron says the big question is Will the Undertaker go 22-0 or will the beast change that to 21-1 as they go to a raw rebound.

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Byron Saxton interviewed Dolph Ziggler on the Smackdown WWE App. They spoke about Vickie Guerrero making the match for later that night between Dolph and Batista and how people have said he doesn’t have what it takes to headline Wrestlemania.

(Love Dolph and Byron interviews just them being on screen together brings back memories of Pro and Rookie hehe)


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Byron Saxton is with Ryback to get some feedback on the end of Raw. Byron asks Ryback about the choke slam. He says that Brock is taking on more than the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He has to deal with the streak. Ryback says that he hopes Undertaker wins because he wants to be the one to end the streak.

Byron asks Cody about the end of Raw. Cody says that this is the Phenom, but he is still a man. He is excited to see them meet since Brock is a beast.

Byron is with the Usos in the interview area. He asks them about their chance to face the champions in a six man tag match. Jimmy says that they cannot wait to face the champions. They are better than the champs. They want to keep the titles in the Uso family.

Jey is asked about teaming with Daniel Bryan. Jey says that Daniel has desire and passion. So do they. None of them will be held down. Bryan is an Uso tonight.