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Byron Saxton interviewed Dolph Ziggler on the Smackdown WWE App. They spoke about Vickie Guerrero making the match for later that night between Dolph and Batista and how people have said he doesn’t have what it takes to headline Wrestlemania.

(Love Dolph and Byron interviews just them being on screen together brings back memories of Pro and Rookie hehe)


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Byron Saxton is with Ryback to get some feedback on the end of Raw. Byron asks Ryback about the choke slam. He says that Brock is taking on more than the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He has to deal with the streak. Ryback says that he hopes Undertaker wins because he wants to be the one to end the streak.

Byron asks Cody about the end of Raw. Cody says that this is the Phenom, but he is still a man. He is excited to see them meet since Brock is a beast.

Byron is with the Usos in the interview area. He asks them about their chance to face the champions in a six man tag match. Jimmy says that they cannot wait to face the champions. They are better than the champs. They want to keep the titles in the Uso family.

Jey is asked about teaming with Daniel Bryan. Jey says that Daniel has desire and passion. So do they. None of them will be held down. Bryan is an Uso tonight.

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Byron Saxton caught up backstage with Real Americans and asked them about the “issues” between Cesaro and Jack Swagger and Zeb said there was no incident out there. He also caught up with Alberto Del Rio and congratulated him on his win over Batista as Byron was going to stay something about Randy Orton’s interference Del Rio caught him off and called him a Gringo.


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Byron Saxton is in the locker room with Sheamus. Byron asks Sheamus about his match tonight and the Chamber match on Sunday. Sheamus says that he thinks he might be at fault for Christian’s more aggressive side because the Brogue Kick might have jarred something loose. Christian is desperate and dangerous. He couldn’t be happier because he is looking for a knockdown scrap and Christian is just what the doctor ordered.


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We are in Denver, Colorado and your announcers for WWE Superstars are Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips who discuss the Elimination Chamber and the WWE Network which will be coming this Monday.


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We are in Colorado Springs, Colorado and your announcers are Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton.

We go to Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton and ringside who hype the WWE Network. A promo for the WWE Network is shown displaying original programming on the network.

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Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton shared the interviewing during the WWE App on Raw. Byron spoke to Rey Mysterio about being in the elimination Chamber match and 2/3’s of 3MB Drew Galloway and Jinder Mahal interrupted to put out a challenge to Big E and the IC Title. Kofi Kingston who spoke about the mind-set you need to have to go into the elimination chamber match and lastly a angry Miz dismissing Byron.

(Sorry I couldn’t add the videos to the video section, they weren’t ripping properly as the audio wasn’t syncing properly.)