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Byron and Tom brought the WWE Raw App to us from London, England. Byron interviewed 3mb as The Union Jacks and also RVD. He also did Segway’s for special look at Andre the Giant, RVD vs Eddie Guerrero and look back Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston


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Byron Saxton caught up with RVD earlier tonight after Bad News Barrett attacked him. RVD wondered if Barrett is trying to get a head start but says that won’t help him. Maybe he was trying to show off for his hometown, RVD says. RVD says he’s Mr. Pay-Per-View and not only does he want to beat Barrett for his title, now he wants to hurt him at Payback.

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Byron appeared in only two WWE App videos this week, him and Tom Phillips first did a recap for Alicia Fox’s breakdown on the commentators and announcers from raw and main event, as Byron kept looking around to make sure she wasn’t around. Lastly they did their reactions to Batista’s actions from his match on Smackdown against Dolph Ziggler.

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Byron and Tom shared the interviewing for Monday Night Raw WWE App segments, Byron interviewed Xavier Woods, Natalya, 3MB, Bad News Barrett and The USO’s. He also did a segment showing RVD’s debut. Related

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Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips shared the WWE App Interviewing on Raw. Byron interviewed a very angry and determined Titus O’Neil. He had layla and Fandango on, speaking about Fandango’s return. He spoke to The Brotherhood as Cody Rhodes proclaimed himself a Sore Loser and lastly he spoke to Naomi about her new Dance all Night Music Video coming to this Thursday.

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Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips and Renee Young shared the interviewing on Smackdown’s WWE App edition. Byron interviewed Titus O’Neill about his big win on Raw and his match on Smackdown against Big E Langston. RVD was next to be interviewed by Byron who congratulated him on his win against Jack Swagger and went on to ask him about his triple threat match at Extreme Rules on Sunday. Lastly he interviewed Layla who gave us an update on her poor fandango after he had been powered bombed through a table last week on Smackdown.