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Backstage, Byron Saxton interviewed WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth. Ziggler said he isn’t a movie star but has the best stunt double in the business (Truth) and that you can hardly tell them apart. He promised Miz would never work in this town again after mocking his acting stardom.

Backstage: Byron Saxton brought in Brie Bella to discuss the Divas Title match tonight. Brie said she can’t wait for Nikki to get what’s coming to her, but that is not becoming Divas champion. Brie said she’s not rooting for A.J. or Paige, but they have the chance to do what she hasn’t had the chance to do yet – knock Nikki down a few pegs tonight. Brie closed with her favorite b-word line about Nikki, then smiled to herself.

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Byron Saxton was the main interviewer on this weeks Smackdown App. He interviewed people like Renee Young, Eva Marie, Adam Rose as well as Heath Slater/Titus O’Neil, as well as appearing on highlights from Raw and What does Renee young have in common. Check the videos for all of it.

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Byron Saxton and Eden were in charge of the WWE App on Smackdown, even though there wasn’t a lot of them on it, they kicked it off in style and told us what they had planned. Later on Byron interviews Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil.


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Byron Saxton is with Nikki Bella in the interview area. Byron asks Nikki for her reaction to Stephanie’s announcement. Nikki thanks Stephanie for this amazing opportunity. She says that she is starting to realize what it is like to have a real sister. With this turmoil out of the way, she can get away from Brie’s shadow.

Byron mentions Brie’s apology. Nikki says that she is shocked. What Brie did was wrong and it hurt her emotionally. She knows why Brie apologized. Brie has hurt her emotionally her entire life. She will not apologize. She wishes Brie ‘good luck’ in her match against Paige tonight.

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Byron Saxton and Eden were in charge of the WWE App for Smackdown, they presented the Summerslam App Vote segment and they gave us a preview of a WWE App Exclusive. Byron presented us with the On this Day segment which showcased Brie Bella’s debut on Smackdown in 2008. Lastly Byron was seen on two videos as Alicia Fox was trying to find Tom Phillips and then Byron was trying to stop Alicia from going to the announcers booth and instead told her that Tom would meet her in the cafeteria.

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Byron was a big part of the WWE App Smackdown edition he kicked off the show with tom Phillips and renee young he also interviewed Eva Marie, Summer Rae and Layla and Heath with Titus. He then joined Tom, Renee and Eden to bust a few moves and lastly he brought us the on this day segment featuring the million dollar man.

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Byron Saxton was the main interviewer for Smackdowns WWE App. He kicked off the show and interviewed Natalya about Paige. Sin Cara came on with Byron not understanding a word he said but Byron said anything can happen. He also brought us the on this date segment which featured Razor Ramon, and Byron did his best Razor impression.