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This time last year we were just opening our doors to all byron saxton fans and following one of brightest stars of professional wrestling as he had just started his walk on the wwe path of WWE NXT with his Pro Chris Masters… I had watched Byron in FCW as a manager, wrestler and announcer and i gotta say i have never ever since The Rock seen someone who can display everything into a complete package but for me he does and thats why im proud to have this website.

I wanna thank the fans who continue to visit and support the website and support Byron’s Career and i believe 2012 is gonna be the year of the Saxman. I wanna thank Cristy & Carlyn for the fantastic designs that you have seen on the site.

But last and not least i wanna thank Byron Saxton from day one he has supported me and the Site, hes sent me things for the site and as you can tell with the photo above he celebrates with us. So heres to another year of bringing you the ultimate and dominate resource for the future of prowrestling BYRON SAXTON

Site Updates

Welcome Back to the new warm feeling, as you can tell we have a brand new layout designed by the fantastic daxstudios (cristy) featuring Byrons WWE NXT Digitals and its nice bright colours. Ive added a did you know section, every month or two i will add a fact you may or may not have known about the man himself.

Ive cleaned the elites/affiliates out and removed a family site, so if you would like to become family or elite contact me on twitter or email. Anyways please let us know how you like the new look and can always talk to us through twitter if you need me.!/byronsaxtondotc

Site Updates

As you can tell we have a brand new layout up featuring Byron Saxton FCW Studio Shoot and its looks great… Many thanks to Carlyn @ who designed it for us. Ive updated all the links and information section, if you find any broken links let me know… Enjoy.

Site Updates

A huge thank you to Cassie for making and donating these fantastic Signatures and Icons to us. So please enjoy them and thank Cassie whos great.

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Site Updates

I wanna thank the people at CSOTD for making us the Site of the Day for 15th January 2011. Here’s what comes with the award

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