Site Updates

Hehe technically our anniversary was yesterday, but I have hurt my back and not been very well so I haven’t been online to do a little post.

I just want to say a big thank you to Byron Saxton for his continuing friendship and support for the website and myself and also all the people who continue to support the man himself and this website. I will keep going as long as I can.

So thank you everyone and Happy New Year.


Site Updates

I just wanted to write a small message of thanks to everyone who continues to follow Byrons career and this website and supports us every step of the way.

Due to life and work i havent been able to do anything for this special occasion but hopefully i will soon.

Huge thank you to Byron for letting me become his official website years ago and i havent looked back. He’s an awesome support and im glad to call him a friend.

So once again Thank you and also Happy New Year Everyone.

Webmiss – Alison

Site Updates

First of all Happy New Year to everyone. As you can tell we are celebrating our 5th Anniversary of the sites first opening back in 2011. The site has come so far from being firstly the only fansite dedicated to Byron Saxton and now the Official Website for him. I continue to love working on this website because of the support from the fans who continue to visit it as well as Byron whose support/help is amazing.

You have probably noticed that we have a sleeker more efficient layout for the website for the anniversary as the last one was more fansite and we wanted a more professional look, our designer Gemma helped us out when others wouldn’t do. You can order from her at her website Gratrix Designs

So here’s to many more years around with the site and hope you all continue to visit and support Byron in his WWE Career.

Site Updates

OMG I’m totally spaced out this week and didn’t realise that our site turned 4 on the 2nd January I thought I was in February tut tut me. But I want to say a big thank you to all our site followers and friends for all your support you give me and the site you are all awesome.

I also want to say a huge thank you to Byron Saxton my friend and one hell of a guy who from the time he knew about the site has given me his support and help every single year, I love watching his career flourish whether it was his time in FCW, NXT, WWE and now to his interviewing and announcing and I couldn’t be more prouder of his accomplishments as I know the guy is one hell of a hard worker. So here’s to many more years of being around and giving everyone their daily dose of the Saxman.

Thank You Everyone

As you can also tell Byron has sent along a nice pic and message (told you he was awesome)


Site Updates

Well its gone so quick the last 3 years but today is the 2nd January 2014 and turns 3 years old. Every day working on this website is a privilege and being able to call it the official website is a thing I never take likely. I want to thank you all for continuing to visit the site and finding out what Byron’s doing and here’s to many more years to come.

I want to take sometime out to say a big thank you to the biggest supporter of the website, Byron himself who has been an amazing help and support not only with the site but during last year when my dad was ill, he’s awesome and I love waiting to see what his next article or interview he does on and his continued presence on WWE NXT as he’s an amazing talent with everything he does.

Secondly thank you to Minja who has been a continued help with supplying candids of Byron since I first spoke to him, and he always takes great photos and I appreciate that he shares them with us.

So lets continue on and hope 2014 is as full as 2013 was. Byron needs to get revenge on Antonio Cesaro grrr.