From the small town of New Ulm, Minn., to the bright lights of WWE NXT, Christy St. Cloud is the newest addition to NXT’s announce team. St. Cloud can be seen grabbing the latest scoops from your favorite NXT Superstars. This week, we flip the script and get the scoop on Christy as she speaks to about her road to NXT and why being a part of WWE is a true dream come true.

WWE.COM: You’ve been with NXT for six months now. What has the experience been like for you?

CHRISTY ST. CLOUD: Being part of NXT has been absolutely incredible. Every time I go to a Live Event, a television taping at Full Sail University or an NXT TakeOver, it’s still hard for me to believe that I’m part of all this. I’m so proud to be part of NXT because I feel like this is where it’s at. Everyone here is welcoming, and everyone is hungry to get better.

WWE.COM: You’ve had some neat experiences in the entertainment industry prior to joining NXT.

ST. CLOUD: I started as an intern at “E! True Hollywood Story” and then became an executive producer’s assistant. I was there for two-and-a-half years. I also worked for AfterBuzz TV, where I got to report on what was happening in the sports-entertainment world and interacted with various legends in the industry. I also had the opportunity to work with former WWE Superstar X-Pac and former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia, helping to produce and co-host their podcasts.

WWE.COM: One of your biggest accomplishments has been your YouTube channel that you created.

ST. CLOUD: I’ve always been a bit of a computer nerd. I taught myself HTML and created my first web site when I was 12 years old, about the novel series, “Sweet Valley High.” I started with a blog, and when YouTube was getting popular, I figured the next step would be video content. I used a flip cam to talk about various TV shows and movies, calling it “Christy Reports,” and eventually it developed into low-profile red-carpet interviews. Eventually I got onto bigger red carpets, where I interviewed reality TV stars from shows like “Dance Moms” or the kids from “Girl Meets World.” I ended up having over a quarter-million hits.

WWE.COM: I understand you even made an appearance on “The Maury Povich Show”?

ST. CLOUD: Yes. I did an episode last December helping Maury cover holiday-related viral videos. It was a cool experience sitting next to Maury on the couch without having to take a paternity test. [Laughs]



It’s that time of year! Wish lists will be made and in all likelihood they will be checked twice as Jolly Old Saint Nick makes his yearly rounds. This week, NXT Superstars and Divas recount some of their favorite Christmas memories. We will let you decide who’s been naughty or nice.

CJ Parker
My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was 8 years old. I received a toy WWE ring complete with the TitanTron and about 10 action figures. I was so excited. I just played with that all day and didn’t bother opening any of my other gifts.

Enzo Amore
I think my most distinct holiday memory would be in 1999 when I got the authentic jersey of my favorite New York Giants player, Phillippi Sparks, and tickets to see the Giants play the last game of the year. When I was at the game, I snuck into the players’ parking lot like a young G should and I met Phillippi, who then signed my jersey for me on the spot.

My favorite memory is from Christmas Eve. Every year while I was growing up, my family and I would go to mass and afterward rush home right before midnight and sit on our front lawn to watch the caroling truck pass in front of our house. It was a giant bus completely decorated and filled with a whole bunch of people singing Christmas songs while everyone in the neighborhood sat outside and watched. It was an amazing sight to see!

Colin Cassady
My favorite would have to be Christmas 2003 because that’s when I received my first-ever package of Yankees season tickets.

Tyler Breeze
My fondest memory came at the age of 7 years old after I had just finished shooting my first child modeling gig in Paris. With my first paycheck, I went and bought myself the most perfect present. I wrapped it up to surprise myself on Christmas morning along with a card that read: “To Tyler. Love, Tyler.” I have to be honest with you, I shed a tear as I began opening up the gift that I purchased for myself. This gift was the most glorious thing I had ever seen because it gave me the opportunity to see how gorgeous the person staring back at me really is. You’re probably wondering what the gift was. It was a mirror, of course! And I still have it to this day.

One year I got a Stretch Armstrong, and my brother and I just played with that all morning, not caring about the other gifts. Unfortunately, it only lasted for about a week.

My favorite Christmas memory is the first Christmas I got to spend in America. From living in poverty in Mexico to being able to spend the holiday in the States with my family for the first time was amazing. I got a PlayStation that year, which was the present I really wanted, so that made it even sweeter, but being together with family is the best Christmas present anyone can ask for.


Alexa Bliss as Barbie/Glinda the Good Witch
With the spookiest day of the year just a week away, we’ve called upon some of your favorite NXT personalities to take a leap back in time as they recall some of their favorite and most memorable Halloween costumes.

The resident queen of all things bling developed her affinity for glitter and glam at an early age with her on-point portrayal of Barbie-turned-Glinda the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz.”

“I was about 5 or 6 years old. Growing up, I was always a huge Barbie fan so it only made since for me to dress up as my idol at the time,” she said. “The outfit I wore matched my My Size Barbie doll. My mom was Dorothy and I was Glinda the Good Witch.”

Corey Graves as a marine
Known for his cool, laidback demeanor and incredible body art, Corey Graves traded tattoos for camouflage with this costume. Perhaps Graves can lay claim to spearheading WWE’s “Marine” franchise.

“Clearly I was a budding young marine growing up in Pittsburgh,” Graves said. “I was a master of camouflage at age 4 — so much so that my parents left me out there for three days because I blended in so well with the trees.”

Rich Brennan as Flint
The voice of NXT leant his support to the G.I. Joe brand in this display of classroom excellence.

“This was my extremely poor attempt to dress up as Flint from the G.I. Joe series,” Brennan explained. “I must’ve been around 10 years old. I was always a huge fan of G.I. Joe when I was a kid so I had to take on the outfit. In another life, if I weren’t doing commentary, maybe I’d be a G.I. Joe today.” [Laughs]