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Kickoff Show
Your host is Renee Young and she is inside the Staples Center with Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Byron mentions that there have been thirty Hell in a Cell Matches, but this is the first time there has been a Hell in a Cell match in Los Angeles.

Byron mentions that the wrestlers never forget what happened in the cell when the match was done.

Renee asks about the Undertaker/Brock Lesnar match.

Corey says this will be the final time we see Undertaker in the ring. Byron says that Taker says that when you take everything from him, there is nothing to lose. Booker says this is WWE’s Manila for these two warriors.

Byron says that Roman can look to his family because Rikishi has been in there. Roman says that he is willing to risk his career to win the match.

Byron mentions that Bray said the same thing when interviewed by Michael Cole. We see footage from the interview. Bray says that he has dealt with torment. He has been trapped in a cell his entire life, as he points at his head. He cannot feel the cell because he has figured it out. The only way to survive the devil’s playground is to play God.

Renee asks for the panel’s picks. Booker says Bray has been trapped in solitary confinement in his brain. That makes you crazy or a madman and Booker says he chooses the latter. He is going to pick Bray Wyatt. Renee wonders if Bray’s mentality will hurt him. Byron mentions Wrestlemania when Roman faced Brock and knew he was going to be hurt and he will feel the same tonight. Corey brings up Bray dealing with a match without his family at ringside. How will this affect Bray? Could it make him more dangerous.

Byron says John loves this despite not knowing his opponent. John is a game day player and he will rise to the occasion.

Renee asks for predictions. Corey mentions NXT is in Sacramento and he mentions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn came from NXT to challenge him. Corey picks Baron Corbin. Byron chooses Cesaro. Booker says it will be someone different, but he does not want to spoil the surprise.

Byron says that Ryback losing the title has affected Ryback in everything he does. This title has become his obsession and this is all that Ryback is focused on.

Byron mentions that Charlotte became the champion after two months. If she can avoid the distractions, she can keep the title.

It is time to talk about the WWE World Championship Match between Seth Rollins and Kane. We have a video package.

Renee asks if Kane’s mind games will work.

Byron says that Seth is the last line of defense for the Authority because they do not want to see Kane as the champion. Would Kane be the most powerful in the WWE?

It is time to take a look at the Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar inside Hell in a Cell.

Byron says it will take a lot to take care of Brock. Byron mentions the injuries that Brock suffered in UFC and before he left for the NFL. What will Undertaker have to do to stop Brock.

Byron says that if Taker does not win tonight, maybe it will haunt the Undertaker forever.

Hell in a Cell Main Show
We go back to the Hell in a Cell panel and they wonder what will happen with the Director of Operations. Corey campaigns for his job. Byron says that Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt was a War of Attrition. Booker mentions the return of Alberto Del Rio and the fact that he is the new United States Champion.


Jason Jordan has just concluded an arduous training session at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Fla. Upon finishing his last weight set, Jordan follows his regular routine of heading to the locker room to consume a post-workout protein shake. Drenched in sweat, Jordan takes what has become a daily moment of reflection, looking back on his NXT career thus far and the considering his aspirations for tomorrow and how to get there.

“My future will contain championships,” Jordan told To be more specific, Jordan’s championship goals have centered on the NXT Tag Team Titles. Following a failed partnership with Tye Dillinger, Jordan began a very public, yet unsuccessful, search for a new permanent tag team partner.

“Tye and I were plagued by unfortunate injuries at the worst times,” Jordan said. “Our in-ring chemistry began to dwindle as we both became frustrated.”

As a result, Jordan’s daily routine now consists of impromptu discussions with fellow NXT Superstars about the possibility of forming a new team destined for success.

“I am a very gifted athlete who is kind of a perfectionist,” he said. “It has been difficult to find the right partner to complement me and not only match my talent, but also my overly competitive nature.”

There is something to be said for Jordan’s “overly competitive nature.” After all, Jordan’s life has been built upon excelling in all forms of athletics. Playing every sport imaginable during his childhood, Jordan eventually narrowed his focus to football, baseball and wrestling during his high school years. The NXT athlete would later receive a scholarship to wrestle at Indiana University with the added option to play baseball.

“I was a four-time letterman in wrestling with many accomplishments and awards, but decided not to play baseball,” Jordan explained. “After my fourth year of wrestling, I stayed at IU to work as a student coach and helped two All-Americans at 197 pounds, and a heavyweight.”

Some of Jason Jordan’s biggest feats include becoming a three-time NCAA Division I national qualifier and going 35-0 during his senior season, earning him the ranking of second best wrestler in the nation. Jordan’s accolades are so legendary at IU that his face was painted onto the wall of the campus’ University Gymnasium in 2010.

Not long after, enter WWE.

“I grew up loving professional wrestling,” Jordan said. “I started amateur wrestling at 7 years old because I thought it was professional wrestling. My success in college is what got me recruited by WWE Hall of Famer Gerry Brisco for a WWE tryout in 2010. Things went well, and I was offered a contract but held off on signing until I finished my college degree. The day I graduated from Indiana University, I called WWE.”

Jordan joined WWE’s developmental system in July 2011 and has since pursued his childhood dream. Yet, he now finds himself at a crossroads. For the first time in his athletic career, Jordan hasn’t reached the elite level that his resume has seemingly prequalified him for. His goal of finding the right partner remains unfulfilled. Granted, one name that has notably lobbied to be Jordan’s partner is NXT newcomer Chad Gable, but Jordan has been quick to dismiss the option.

“I haven’t given him a chance for two reasons: One, I want to choose my partner based on my specific set of criteria; two, I want to test how bad he truly wants to be my partner,” Jordan said, before adding, “Oh, and he’s been quite annoying.”

Whether it’s Gable or another partner, will Jordan ever find the right fit to pursue tag team championship gold in NXT? Or is Jordan’s current dilemma only the precursor to a personal implosion of frustration? As the old saying goes, the clock is ticking and only time will tell.

Follow Jason Jordan on Twitter @JasonJordanjj.


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We are in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and your announcers are Byron Saxton and Michael Cole.

Michael Cole says that tomorrow at noon, the Slammy Categories will be released online. The nominees will be announced on Saturday and voting starts on Saturday at 9:00 AM.

It is time to take a look back at last night’s Raw.