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Byron Saxton (Bryan Jesus Kelly, 20th August 1981)... A Rookie rooted in both the fourth and fifth seasons of NXT, Saxton worked with NXT Pros like Dolph Ziggler and Yoshi Tatsu. Byron honed his skills under some of the brightest stars in the WWE Universe and now, this charismatic and camera-friendly Superstar uses his diverse abilities to make a lasting impression in WWE as the host of Raw's pre and post-shows on WWE Network and as the color commentator along side Michael Cole on WWE Main Event.
Raw Results – 31st August 2015 WWE Network: Tough Talk – 25th August 2015 Raw Results – 24th August 2015 Summerslam 2015 Results WWE NXT Takeover – 22nd August 2015
TV Reports
Show: WWE Tough Enough Tough Talk
Date: 18th August 2015
Match: N/A
Segment:It is time for Tough Talk with your host Byron Saxton. Byron introduces the judges . . . Daniel Bryan, Paige, and the Miz. Byron talks to the man who got eliminated, Tanner. Byron asks Tanner if he would have done anything differently. He says he put in the work but he could not change his face. He talks about that was how he got where he has. He says he has learned that Miz is a good talker and people don’t like him for that.
Full Recap: Here

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We are in Tampa, Florida and your announcers are Byron Saxton, Michael Cole, and John Layfield.

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Byron is with Sara Lee and he asks her if she is pinching herself right now. He asks why did they think she should be the next WWE Diva.

She says that they have followed her on the journey and they got to see her put it all together tonight. She thanks everyone for voting for her.

Byron says that Sara has had a tough road. The coaches and judges have been tough on her. How did that affect you? Sara says that when they said things to her, it gets in your head, but you have to put it aside and put on a good show to prove them wrong.

Byron wants to ask Booker about the smile. Booker congratulates Sara. He says it is a serious atmosphere in the ring and he is very old school. Sara will get a chance to do her thing and he tells her to bring it.

Byron asks Sara if she has a message for the WWE Universe. She thanks them for believing in her.

Byron brings up Amanda and he asks her about what is going through her mind.

Bryon asks Sara about her first match and whether she outperformed Amanda tonight. Sara thought she executed well. She didn’t fudge anything up and she showed that she could be serious in the ring.

Byron asks Amanda if she thinks she is better than Sara and Amanda says yes.

Bryon asks Sara where will she be in a year. Sara says that she will be a Diva in a year. Byron asks what her goals are. She plans to improve in the ring and she will be way ahead of what we just saw in the ring.

Byron talks to Josh and asks how he does the growl.

Byron mentions that Josh’s inspiration might be here and we see Josh’s daughter. He says she keeps him going. He says that she is three years old.

Byron asks him about being in his first match. Was it harder than he thought? Josh says prepping the last few days to make sure he could do it. Getting in the ring with Cesaro helped and he had some butterflies in his stomach. He wanted to focus so he did not get lost in there.

Byron asks ZZ about getting only 30 percent of the vote and what was he thinking.

Byron asks about Miz calling out ZZ about his stamina in the ring. He says it is nothing he didn’t hear before. He appreciates the critical advice and he will work hard to be better.

Byron talks to the coaches and he asks Billy if he agreed with the picks for the winners. Billy says he thinks Amanda should have won. They put every ounce of effort into all of them. They were awesome students and all to work with. He kept telling ZZ to give him something. Josh did everything right. He looks like a superstar and that is why he wanted him to win.

Byron asks what was the biggest issue with ZZ. Billy wanted him to do something. He did not want ZZ to change his body because we have all different body types. Those guys can go and ZZ could not do it. Billy says it was frustrating.

Byron asks about Amanda and Billy says that Amanda is better with her feet. If you have your feet, you are fine. He talks about a Billyism and he says that Sara has skittery feet. Amanda put in the work and Sara did too, but Amanda got it faster. Amanda had the look that connects more. Billy is asked about their personalities and he says that one has one and the other doesn’t.

Byron asks Lita if Amanda should have won and she says she should have won. Early on it is hard to see who would stand out. When Amanda got hit, she got back up and wanted more. Sara was different. She did not like to get hit. The energy feeds her.

Byron asks Booker. He agrees with them. He thinks they got it wrong with the women. He says that Josh should have won. He has transformed himself. ZZ did not work hard enough to win this. The WWE Universe was behind ZZ. Booker says that ZZ cheated himself into not winning. Booker says he was frustrated not seeing ZZ work harder. You have to want to do it yourself. He was a great actor and he almost pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes and he almost won this.

Byron turns to Renee and asks her who should have won among the women. Renee says that she has never been in the ring and she only knows the personality aspect. The intangible quality resonates. As an athlete, Amanda is superior. Maybe she can continue to work at it.

Byron asks Hunter if his children got to meet Amanda and he says he does not know. He says that they would talk about Sara and there was a connection.

Byron asks everyone who they thought should have won from the men and it appears by applause and growling, the pick was Josh.

Byron asks for the opinion for the women and it sounded like Sara might have had a slight advantage.

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We are in Brooklyn, New York and your announcers are Michael Cole, John Layfield, and Byron Saxton.

We are back and the former Tag Team Champions Darren Young and Titus O’Neil are at ringside with the announcers to watch the next match.

August 24th, 2015
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Kick Off Show
Your host is Renee Young and she is accompanied by Booker T, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton.

Corey says he hopes that Jon will teach him a Moment of Zen because of the time that he has been around Byron. Byron talks about getting a selfie with Jon later tonight and Booker calls Byron and Corey a couple of ‘groupies’.

Byron says that Luke has said that he is nothing without Bray and that is the honor that Luke has for Bray. Booker says the analogy is stupid. He says that blood is thicker than water. They might not be real brothers, but they have a bond. Together they are more powerful than apart. Renee brings up the alliance between Reigns and Ambrose. Corey says that Luke is a blind follower of Bray’s while Roman and Dean have the same goals. Will Bray show the same devotion to Luke that Luke will for Bray.

Byron says that Dean and Roman have the advantage. Corey says that Dean and Roman will win as well. Booker is going with the craziest team but he does not say which one.

Byron agrees with Corey and he says that Seth is trying to please Hunter and Stephanie and pay them back for being made the future. You do something no one has done and bring the titles together.

Byron says he thinks Cena will be ready and it won’t be an issue.

It is time to talk about the Cesaro and Kevin Owens match and we have a video package.

Renee asks why they don’t have respect.

Corey says that Kevin Owens does not show respect to people and it works for him. Renee asks Byron if Owens has done more in three months than Cesaro in three years. Byron ducks the question and he talks about how Cesaro is stealing Owens’ spotlight. He says that Owens is jealous of Cesaro. Booker says you have to be able to step on people’s toes. Booker says he would steal the show and tell people to top that. That is what Owens does.

Renee brings up Kevin Owens’ match at Takeover against Finn Balor and then he asks if the match will have an effect on tonight. Booker says the business is about being battered and bruised. He knows about the business. Will Owens win? That is a stretch. Byron mentions that multiple ladders were used during the match. We see footage of Owens being helped to the back after the match. Booker says that is what we do. We fight every night.

Renee asks Corey who will win and he says that even if Cesaro is his friend, he thinks Owens needs this and he will win. Byron wonders what condition is in and he does not think a battered Owens can beat a healthy Cesaro.

Kevin Owens decides to stop by the table and find out what Booker was saying about him being jealous of Cesaro. Owens says Cesaro is jealous of him. He is the opposite of Cesaro physically but he is here. Kevin asks Byron if he has any Cesaro section signs.

Kevin walks away and Renee sheepishly talks about the Divas Trios Elimination Match.

Renee says the Divas Revolution has changed the landscape.

Byron first mentions that he got another drink since Kevin took his.

Corey says it is essential for the Divas Revolution to happen and it started in NXT. Becky, Charlotte, and Sasha are changing the game. Everyone is seeing this.

Renee asks who will end up on top. Booker says PCB because they have an edge to them. Booker says the roster is young and the young people like seeing other young people. Byron likes B.A.D. because of their attitudes. They are frustrated and they have the ability to change the balance of power. Corey mentions that the Bellas have stepped up their game because the bar is being raised.

It is time to talk about the Tag Title match.

Renee mentions that she talked to the New Day and they weren’t happy about this being a Fatal Four Way. Byron says the New Day feel they should be the only tag team.

Byron says that Titus said they have the biggest chips on their shoulders. They hear people saying that they should not be champions. They have a lot to prove.

Renee asks for the picks. Corey likes the Lucha Dragons. Byron says the Prime Time Players will win. Booker is going with the New Day.

It is now time to take a look at the Intercontinental Title Match with Ryback defending the title against Miz and Big Show.

Byron brings up that Ryback isn’t 100 percent and his knee is still not at 100 percent. He wants to elevate the legacy of the Intercontinental Title. Booker says it was a mistake to come back and face an angry giant. Booker says Ryback could wake up in the hospital. Corey points out that Miz is at 100 percent. He performs well in these situations. Miz could walk out as the champion.

Renee mentions the match between Randy Orton and Sheamus.

Corey says he does not want to be Randy Orton after seeing Sheamus so fired up. Byron says this will be a bruising, physical fight. Booker says Sheamus is a hooligan.

We take a look at the return of Dolph Ziggler last week on Raw.

Byron says that Rusev is vulnerable because he is still focused on Lana. Corey says that Rusev is past Lana.

It is time to talk about the Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar match.

Byron mentions how long Undertaker has had to deal with the loss to Brock at Wrestlemania and it is time for him to get retribution. Corey mentions that Brock has not been beaten in more than three years. He won’t get stopped tonight. Booker says the polls online are leaning towards Brock. He says it will take a superhuman feat for Taker to win.

Corey picks Brock. Byron thinks the Undertaker wins because it is hard to beat Taker two times in a row. Booker reminds us he has been in the ring with both of them and he picks Brock.

Main Show
We are back at the Kickoff Show panel and they talk about what they have seen so far.

Corey is happy at what we just saw while Byron tries to say that this was a travesty. Booker says he was this close to signing off on Seth Rollins as one of the greatest superstar. Corey mentions Stephen Amell and his performance and victory. Booker says his highlight was the New Day.

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WWE NXT Takeover Pre Show

We are in Brooklyn, New York and your host is Renee Young. She is joined by Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, and Lita.

We see a portrait of Renee Young and Lita that was done on Friday, but Byron is not allowed to look at it because he rained on Lita and Renee’s parade.

Byron says that Baron has put himself out there saying that he is the one who decides your fate. If he loses, those words to not mean as much.

They talk about how the building is so excited for the Women’s Match. Corey mentions the evolution of NXT and Triple H mentioned that the Divas are not put in the main event, they are the main event. He said they belong there.

Renee asks Byron is Sasha is underestimating Bayley. Byron says that he thinks Sasha sees some of Bayley in her. Corey says that Byron is delusional because Sasha was born to be the Boss and the best.

Byron says that tonight is when Bayley is going to show that she is not content to be there.

Lita and Byron say that Bayley wins while Corey thinks Sasha will win.

Renee wonders who is going to be the X Factor and she brings up Lita. Lita says the Vaudevillains are her favorite tag team. Corey and Byron ask for a scoop and Lita says she might have to take off her heels to help them out.

Byron jokes about how he needs to text his guys.

Byron is asked about Kevin having two matches this weekend. Byron says that Owens needs respect and get the buzz back from losing to John Cena and losing the NXT Championship. He can get the respect back by winning tonight.

Byron brings up what Owens did not say to Cole when asked about being able to beat Finn Balor.

Byron says Finn retains. Renee mentions the entrance and what she is expecting. Lita says that she is going with Kevin Owens on experience. Corey agrees with Lita.

WWE NXT Takeover Main Show
The lights come on in the Barclays Center. Your announcers are Rich Brennan, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton

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We are in Minneapolis, Minnesota and your announcers are Rich Brennan. Byron Saxton, and Jimmy Uso.

We are back with a look back at what happened this week with Lana, Rusev, Summer Rae, and Dolph Ziggler.

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